Join me, my fellow intuitive artist of the Universe, on our journey to relearn the language of Nature – that of telepathic communication. So as to communicate with our animal, plant and mineral brothers and sisters. When we learn to listen again to the wisdoms the animals and fellow inhabitants of Gaia bring, we reconnect with ourselves and our innate inner NATURal energies.  Through this reconnection to our true creative, Gaia Warrior self, we heal past wounds and traumas, and see ourselves and others from a wider more compassionate perspective. Through the animals and Gaia we may free ourselves and rightfully join in the transformation of this planet into pure love. Come on let’s to – let us take this adventure together!

Feel free to contact me regarding:
animal energy card readings
animal wisdom channellings
art pieces
custom art projects
pendants & crystal works
custom crystal works
crystal bags
custom drawings
new ideas/conscious groups & eco/earthship communities

I also am open to crystal stone trades, art trades & metaphysical coursework trades

much love fringe family!!

Contact –  I G G Y B O O 1 0 0 9 @ y a h o o . c o m