New Etsy Store Launched!

So blessed to announce that our etsy shop is UP!
Here you will find animal & crystal pendants and other handmade items which assist in bringing to you the energies of the animal & mineral kingdoms for healing & transformation!
Everything in our store is a consciously self-sustaining vegan one-of-a kind creation using recycled & repurposed materials.
Each item assists in cultivating, empowering & widening your positive energies towards love. We believe we are all Eternal, Immortal, Infinite & All One.
Animals bring with them the concentrated energy of that which they represent. They call awareness to an aspect of ourselves which needs attention, care, energy, love & show us the way to proceed with the highest of energy.
Our animal pendants are created using wild sourced Jacaranda tree seed pods. Once the pod has naturally fallen from the tree we collect them & clean them. The pod is burned to create a hole for the neck loop, thus releasing the amazing aroma of the Jacaranda wood – an incense long used to evoke healing & cleanse the air of energies & insects. Long held in mystical lore as a tree of wisdom connecting to the moon, it is believed that to hold or wear the wood of the Jacaranda itself brings healing energies. All animals are hand drawn onto the pods using oil based pencils & archaic black ink.
Crystals, straight from the belly of our Mother Earth, carry with them specific energies which aid in healing, transformation, protection – anything that ails & is out of balance can be supported through crystal energies. All crystals which come to us are cleansed & kept in a loving energy. They tell us how they would like to be wrapped & placed with which animal. We use 100% organic, vegan hemp cord & copper/silver/gold wires to wrap our crystals. Both of which contribute their own energies to the finished pendant.
By combining both the energies of the animals & crystals we create pendants which can be worn daily, used in meditation, used as a part of sacred ceremony, to adorn an alter, as a gift for a loved one – whatever calls to you.
Custom order requests are ALWAYS welcome! We understand when a certain crystal or animal calls to you. Just send in a request using the button on the top left & we will connect with you to speak about a design.
We are excited for you to become caretaker to these sacred energies & truly honored & grateful in your finding your way here. May we all serve as pin pricks of light, working to illuminate a grid vibrating in Love, spreading across the Universe!

“Here We Stand in Gaia’s Name,
Hand in Hand from Whence We Came! ” ~SW

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