06/28/2016 503am

Blessed are we friends. To awaken to such an immense day, in this moment of who we truly are. There are so many paths to take while in this life, so many avenues to go down, so many beings, personalities and beliefs to empower. Just how do we become the people we are? Do we purposefully set out, with goals and opinions already set? Are these decided midway or always known, deep within our very souls?

We, the Aardvark, are an interesting and loving tribe. We ask you to know your purpose, and to go farther still and truly know where that purpose originates. Before we materialized on the earth plane we had a plan. What is yours? Who were you meant to be? So many children come here now and lose their way. Not because of ignorance to the divine. But rather a proliferating weakness, they can’t stand up to those who project their lack of understanding onto others. So they adopt the limited mindset of their families or the confining dictates of a closed off society mind.

This is a sad state we then find the children in. Without a crumb of imagination to clutch too. Oh you are far more than that humans. We see you for who you are and the potential of who you were meant to be. We know how, if the humans would allow it, you could be an ambassador for all the beings on the planet. We are not asking you for something that is alien to your very purpose. We simply request you step into your rightful role.

We are so happy to finally be heard humans. We have waited so long. We Aardvark may not be flashy and often are we mistaken for other beings in a world which does not get to know us as they should. But we are not bothered. We do not know ourselves through external stimuli, we do not judge ourselves through another’s expectation or life’s path.

Go now humans and build a life truly unique to your gifts and experience. Don’t conform to what others think you should do, be, say or become something you were never supposed to be. Really live your life free from burdens caused by a disconnected psyche.
We love you.
the Aardvark