4/5/16 516 am

We at least get a turn to speak, a chance to be listened to – a form of respect and reverence! We are alligator. We bring a mighty energy to this world which we use to help ground the Earth’s vibrations and better assist you humans at reconnecting to those true vibrations. We are tired of watching you struggle when so many solutions are readily available. We ask that you start seeing what is right in front of your noses.

We see a lot from our vantage points in and out of the water. We use the water to our advantage, hiding in plain sight. We can choose to make a big splash and draw attention or we can move seamlessly and effortlessly until we are right next to you. We have grace, style and charisma. We know who we are and we are proud – proud to hold such ancient knowledge in our scaly wombs.

Where is your pride as one of Gaia’s children? Where is your sense of family and connection? Do you work to bring order and stability to all beings or are you humans too obsessed with a disconnected human state? If you continue to perceive division, if you continue to build a false dynamic between yourselves and “other”, you will be unable to lift yourselves out of the Ego hole you’ve dug for yourselves.

There is always a way out, always another option. We alligators know this. We always plan an escape, always have a plan B. What are your plans? Have you created a life unstoppable? Only you can get in your way when your actions align with your purpose. What is your purpose?

We want you to be happy and successful. We want you to stop being unconscious. Who are we really? Do you know?

I love you sweet humans. Allow yourself to become. We love you,
The Alligators