5/11/16 533 am

What a beautiful yet difficult morning that I come to share with you now sweet human. I can tell you are feeling overwhelmed and that perhaps your entire system would benefit from pulling back and minimally abstaining from the energies you are putting in your system. Only then would we be able to differentiate our feelings, emotions and beliefs from that which consumes and feeds on our beneficial energies.

We are the Alpaca. We have been with humans so long that we have a great and special bond that we share with you. We wish you the best dear humans and really urge you to see and step into your power. So many things going on in and on this planet which secretly – and sometimes not so secretly – take your energy stores and use them for further evil, further enslavement. We, in that sense, fuel our own destruction. Just as you continue to pay for a support of a taxation system that fuels the further wars and destruction of the planet. Why do you participate in a system built purposefully on a weak foundation and broken supports?

We choose every second of every day the type of being we are. We do not pretend, us alpacas. We know and accept very well our purpose and we strive to be best within that role. I don’t compare myself to beings with a different purpose than my own and I certainly don’t have time to continue with degraded or corrupted intent. Too much time is spent on an external world that does not exist in “physicality”. There are levels of “real” and it is easy to pretend when somethings is vibrating. Your level of awareness has been perverted. You see from a pinprick when you were meant to see the entirety of the whole.

We are almost there sweet humans. After so much pain and sadness there is always hope for a new day. We will walk with you now, you need not have fear, you are never alone.

We did it humans, we got this far, we made it to the beginning.

We love you, forever more – the Alpaca