ant eater

3/10/16 516-17 am

We are Ant Eater and we come here today with a cautious message of love and clarity. It is important to know what you want and what you are attracting into your life and personal space on the daily. We know no fear of a lack of love. This is a human quality which greatly cripples you all and leaves you wounded and closed off at the heart from all others. Not all Ant Eaters are the same. We have unique talents and gifts which we share with one another and which we would love to share with you. It is important to understand who you are at the core without the hindrance of false life’s path and goals. So much time and energy is wasted when we invest in areas of our life that have no true meaning. Why is this time wasted? Where does the time come from that it is free and excessive so much so that it can be tossed to the side as a waste? Time is not a physical locality, it is a moving dimension. An actual feeling, a vibration. In this, it can be slowed down or sped up, it can feel expansive, unlimited, universal or be excruciating, long, heavy and stagnant/stuck. Time is the Ant Eaters friend. We don’t have fear of time. We use him to our advantage and never see him as something he is not. Human culture has created a villain of time – using him as a terrorist to keep people – humans – kept down, defeated, in constant fear of the time boogie-man, robbing the beauty, intelligence and life (ego) of all that walked ease physical planes. But what if time is a being like any other? One which can be courted and with whom a respectful relationship can be built. We create our own monsters through our inability to truly see situations for what they are. We decide what we believe on based on programs determined by others. You decide who you are and what type of world you choose to live in. What is “real” is an illusion of the brain. What we cling to helps or hurts us.

We, Ant Eater, ask you to determine what is real in your own life, and stick to it.

You already know. We love you, always and forever – Ant Eater