4/4/16 515 am

Hello friends. Hello! We rushed in to be heard this morning, bringing our message of robust health and fortitude within the balance of our lives. Are you living the best you? Are you striving to be better, always better than you were before? We are Baboon. We are proud and righteous. We bring a distinct power within our voice and actions. We are strong and we don’t take bullshit from this world.

Why are there so many humans who grow into adulthood but never out of infancy. We do not run from responsibilities. We stay and we fight. We would really like to see humans fight for something real. There is a huge maya happening. The humans are disconnected from the animals, you have disconnected yourself. You won’t listen to the whisper of wisdom as the roar of ignorance has deafened you. Only the humans truly vocalize they’re suffering. Only the humans transfer their pain to neurosis of the mind and corrosion of the body. No sickness was here before it was brought here.

The struggle we witness is pain. It manifests in plumes over the planet. We all get sick from its stench. The humans fate is tied to us, the Baboon, just as it is interwoven in all of the creatures whose lineage shares this planet. This is not just about one being or one people, it is about everyone and everything. So much truth is lost it seems but we have hid it all. There will be a revelation across the planet of who we all are. And it will be as if a switch is flipped. And then, eyes will seek out family in the eyes of creatures vastly different from our own. The glorious remembering is upon us.

Don’t be afraid dear humans of what you have done to the animals and the planet. We forgive you. We always have and always will. We ask you to forgive yourselves so that you may move on. So that you may be free. We love you. Everyone’s with you.

Go now. Be free. Awaken others.

With love, the Baboons