3/13/16 517 am

My name is Beaver and I know who I am. I need not seek that description from others, my truth comes from within. I am resolved to this fact and it permeates through me, allowing me to live a life filled with empowered energies. I may be scary at times – but it is only when it is necessary for me to uphold what I believe is my truth. I do not use fear to control my life or the lives of others.

I ask you to make sure that you know what you really want in life. So many humans are programmed as youth and then choose to run on automatic pilot for the duration of their lives. We cannot progress together if we are connected to two different mechanisms of life support. We all choose daily the air we choose to breathe, the water we drink, the fire we warm our hearts to, and the soil that grounds us down to Gaia. Are you sustain yourself with toxic elements? There comes a day when we must admit to ourselves the circumstances of our lives, and that day is now.

Too often humans run from change and confrontation, from responsibility. This reaction comes in a pattern – a cyclical routine that must be consciously quelled to be resolved and for it to stop occurring. We ask you to see how these destructive patterns not only support the negative aspects of your own life but also how these weave together to form the basis for all the global turmoil and dis-ease. We are each a reflection of the whole. It will always be easier to change as more people do. Support yourself and each other – no one gets left behind. We all are allowed to choose a destination and in this way we choose the life support we receive, we choose which teet we suckle on. How glorious fellow beings!

We love you dearly human. Please love us the same.

Fight on, the Beavers