4/21 16 517 am

Merrily we come to meet you! We are here, not to fear! What an exciting morning and what an exciting possibility of a life! We are so pleased, we are the Bullfrogs and we have so many messages for you. If you listen, you will see great transformation and change come into your life! Fantastic? Fantastic!

How are you really doing dear ones? Are you contented? Happy? Ready for adventure? We enjoy sitting in the mud but we are never stuck. We use it to our vantage and we encourage you to do the same. What is one persons confinement and prison, can become anothers conforming home. Only a change in purpose and intent can move you into a space of peaceful contentment.

Hi! It can’t be that easy you say! How can you enjoy the aspects of life which seek to seemingly destroyed? How can we all rise up into a higher way of being? To vibrate at a rate which pulls this planet into her knew state of being, and us with her. Do we not find the thickest soup of necessary life giving necessities contained within the muddy soils of Gaia? This is the birthing fluid of our new dreams and independent aspirations.

We ask you to return to the primordial ooze you sprung from. Allow it to replenish you, cleansing and doing so that it may catalyze a new sense of being, a new purpose in your life. The mud is the fluid of Gaia, sent to offer a new vibration, grounding and connecting us all back to our shared home.

Love to you forever humans. We are brother and sister. I am you, always was.

Go in love, we wait for your return. Love, the Bullfrogs