3/17/16 512 am

We are so very happy and pleased to speak with you this morning! So serene and gentle is the life of the butterfly – our fragility serving as an energetic armor against negative attack. We are ingenious us Butterflies. We know who we are, and we trust completely in our journey. We do not worry about circumstances outside our control and we give thanks each morning our wings dry of dew and we may fly once more.

We ask that you make sure you are not taking things for granted. Too often we witness a world entombed in the surreal, sticky energy of make believe. It is time to step into your personal power and be honest with yourself and others. Why must we wait for misery to change? We are masters of transformation. We support and allow for our physical changes as they are but a mirror for the internal changes I reflect. We do not worry or miss-trust the plan of the Universe and we definitely do not take for granted the complicated process we undertake to get to the next step.

Don’t sacrifice your dreams by over thinking how you will attain them. Allow the flow of an intelligent, all knowing Universe to gently guide your inner knowing. Just as we glide from one breeze to the next – always confident there will be another to follow, taking us to paths yet uncharted. How can we hold fear in our hearts when we are encapsulated with the joy of the unknown?

Come with me now sweet friend and we will fly together! Notice that our flight is never hurried, rushed, fearful or neurotic. We move with the unhurried, empowered rhythm of Gaia and we need not be troubled or threatened we will get there, one way or another. We all will.

I love you sweet ones, who listen to my message. Forever intimate.

We love you, the Butterflies