3/24/16 511 am

We finally get the chance to shoot the shit as they say! As a cat we are very funny! We enjoy games and jokes. We like to laugh at ourselves and at each other. We don’t take things personally and we bounce back if attacked. We have pride us Cats. We know who we are and we demand respect from ourselves and from others. We are not taken advantage of. Where is your self respect? Where is your backbone?

We watch and notice how you humans cower beneath your own shadow. How the enormity of it all becomes much too much to bare at times. Thus you turn to false mechanisms to soothe your fragile, wounded senses of self. This is s vicious cycle we ask you quite simply to let go of. If you are unwilling to see the patterns which keep you trapped then how will you walk through them and away?

Seriousness is worrisome and should be avoided. It is an illness, a step away from your child-like self and a step towards the coldness of a heart untouched by joy. You become immobile and stagnant in your grief. The remorse of a life unlived and unhappy. Humans worry about death and then never live. So much time spent planning when to die. Of worrying and stressing over something. Completely natural and completely unavoidable. Every living thing has a physical death to conclude their time here. A graduation of sorts. It is our shared birth right. Our exhalation after a long journey. To deny someone or something this right is against the natural recycling process of life.

We ask you dear humans to love yourselves. At the root of all dis-ease and dis-pair is a lack of unconditional love. How sad this lack, creating a vacuum in the Universal flow, consuming the light in a Universe of darkness. Extend the love to yourself and then others. Hold the space as I know you know how to. Breathe into the cosmic flow.

We are all one cosmic children.

I love you, we love you, the Cats