3/11/16 536 am

I am cheetah. Noble, brave and wise. I come from a place of loving existence, where I am free always to run with the winds of ever-changing time. I am not stuck. I am free. I ask you to see if you are truly free. That it is not an illusion perpetrated by your captors. I know you know what I mean. The illusion of happiness keeps even the most stubborn warrior passive. I ask you to be brave as we move forward. That despite not always knowing the facts we can at least resign ourselves to fully trust in the path. There are so many other benevolent beings around each of you always. They are silenced by the blindness of humanity to their gentle energies and wisdom’s. Just as the animals are made to communicate seemingly voiceless, so to do the celestial spirits be made to communicate seemingly without physicality. But it is humans who choose to not hear – to not listen, to feign ignorance over remembrance.

We all have traveled these planes previously. We walk this Earth as our home and we weep over those lost at the hands of violence and greed. We mourn our shared Mothers torturous excavations and see what you call “natural disasters” as our Mothers birthright to be healthy and cleansed. Make no mistake that everything happens for a reason, from the smallest ant to the greatest elephant and whale. Each being living within the space of their own existence. Humans are not special the way they have been misled to believe, a deception calculating.

I love you dear humans. I see you and I hold you in our compassion. We urge you to act now, to strive for greater.

Hear our call to greatness.

With love, the Cheetah