chimp / monkey

4/6/16 519 am

What a moment we have to share with each other now! We are the monkeys. We are the keepers of fun. We know how to have a good time and we invite you to the party!

Did you know that us monkeys don’t worry about things which are out of our control? Did you know this increases our happiness and our contentment exponentially? We already know the simple truths of how to live with a purpose greater than ourselves. To have a personal power which emblazons our lives and our soul’s progress while on this plane. We monkeys got it figured out! We know who we are as individuals and also who we are as members of a team – of community.

There is no “I” when you look at things from a wider more macro level. Aren’t we all just cogs in the same machine? When one part is old, outdated falling apart, corroded, hijacked or broken then the machine is out of balance and does not work properly. We’ve been pumping out black smoke for a while now. You can’t fix something that has been built purposefully wrong. You can’t save a beast that wants to die. The world is out of balance and it is currently working to self correct. This is the end of the false control system. We recommend humans disconnect from this notion and choose instead to support the path leading to alignment and balance.

We are reaching a cusp friends. We are getting to a point of realization within ourselves where we can no longer hide from ourselves. Follow us dear humans. Let the monkey show you how to safely swing away from danger. How trees protect and serve us, how the planet offers a solution for escape always. It was never about leaving Gaia, abandoning her to the forces of evil. It is and always has been about lifting her up from the trenches and all of us riding out of here together.

We are just beginning humans. The game has just begun. So much to do and see. How lucky we all are to be a part of it.

Awaken to your true glory, we ask you friends.

We love you forever and always,
the Chimps