4/27/16 506 am

I am here to bring great understanding and respect to the world. We are chinchilla – we have big things to say and a big life to live. We may seem small and furry adorable but we have a lot to offer and a great big heart to see the world with.

We would like to know why you humans choose to fight – with others and with yourselves? Why do you choose to be right over being fair? We watch as useless and point-hidden wars rage on the surface of the planet. We see how these fester unchecked, creeping as a cancer over the entire globe. Did you know we individually call our fates to us? That absolutely every choice has a repercussion, a moving vibration, a fingerprint, an expression, an unfolding truth, which cannot be stifled or denied.

I won’t bring up the stifling abuse we face at the hands of and ego driven need and desire. With each strip of flesh, skin and for ripped from our eternal beings we relinquish just a bit more of our hope. We stand in high regard for your journey humans. It is time you awaken to your greatness and rightful place in the hierarchy of life. What if I told you that the true, balanced way was away from anger, gloom and doom? That these are cowardly pads. They lead to a distorted adolescence state. A stagnated form of “adult”. A child of the universe, never allowed to fully become.

Be strong my human family. You may be young but we are old and wise and we will guide you. Through wild times and unbelieving phenomenon. Gaia is awake. We cannot hide from her teachings any longer.

We love you humans, forever more.

Love, the Chinchillas!