4/12/16 500 am

Perhaps we are overlooked, us Chipmunks. But, it does not say anything about our importance in this regard. We are underestimated and we have no problem with this. Part of the strategy of life is to become something outside of the realm of predators or situations for our lowest good. But what does this mean? Could it be that we can can control the perception others have about us? We notice that humans especially tend to evaluate self-worth based on others perception (or perceived perception) of you. In other words, whatever other humans think you are, you become.

But do you? We would like to offer to you that you can be whatever you wish, even while others think you’re something else. In this way we hide in plain sight. If someone or something else judges you, they are in fact judging themselves in that same way. How others view you is dependent on who is doing the viewing. You can use this to your advantage. You can allow situations to unfold naturally, allow others to build their own perceptions independent from your truth. It becomes a shield, a way to slip through unnoticed, without signaling the alarm.

So much of life, we have found, is illusion, the Maya of unknowing, disconnection and worry. We ask you to stop worrying! By no longer being concerned with a “proper” public persona, you free yourself. You are free to act and think in aligned and truthful ways. Let others think, feel and do whatever is right for their evolution. It really makes no difference how you are thought of within the schematics of another’s existence.

Isn’t this marvelously freeing?! You can and will do what you like. You can and will be happy with yourself.

We are so happy to speak with you today dear friend. You are so much more than another’s opinion of you – even yourself.

We love you, we love you! The Chipmunks