3/14/16 520am

I am Crow young ones. I come from an ancient order of wisdom, protector of the knowledge of our earths truth and freer of the unconscious stuck in the goo of these beings who are corrupt and less then. I come to you this day with a message severe. I ask you to look at yourself and truly see. So often humans pretend. They kid themselves and then convince others to support the lie. But what is being empowered when lies are told? We are nothing without our truth. Without knowing who we are and why we do the things we do.

We come to you as dear and eat friends. We wish you nothing but a life well lived and joy. To get to these places one must traverse the dark caverns of ones soul. You must move through the wreckage of your own psyche and dissolve those inhibiting emotions, memories and ties that hinder your progression.

Why do we stay stuck so long? Us Crows are never confined and we certainly don’t become comfortable and compliant within our imprisonment. Why we see how humans have degraded to the point where they are attracted to stagnancy and conformity. Us Crows are individuals. We live within a society of like minds but keep our sense of self even in a sea of my brothers and sisters.

You can see how we work together and run the town in a sense. We have pride in being a crow. We revere our gifts and ask you to do the same. Stop sabotaging yourself – you are enough, you can bring real change. This is no great revolution – the power to do anything set before you is within you. Humans just need to step away from the situation and go within to see things more clearly.

I love you humans. I always have. We recognize your soul and song. We hear you.

Go in love, little human sister and brother souls.
Much love, the Crows