4/10/16 518 am

Greetings greetings our friends! We come here now in a great frenzy of excitement, we are so happy to be heard, invited to be listened to. When you intent to listen it opens a portal in your chest through which words, images, picture videos and information can be passed and received. Isn’t this amazing? Isn’t the world? Aren’t you??

What an amazing time to be alive! We have so much sacred knowledge to share, protected and kept hidden by the ancient Dolphins which have come before me. We protect it from those who use it to wield power and despair over others. So many of these shadow “people” (and we use the term loosely) muddling up the energies of the planet – internally from within the cavernous reaches of her underbelly; externally, from the outer crusts of the earth’s surfaces to off land, in the space surrounding the planet of the abyss. There is so much more “going on” as you say than the humans would like to admit to themselves. We ask you to find the courage to follow the truth, wherever it takes you.

How many innocent must die before good beings wake up to their power to stop it. There really are more of us now, those fighting for love, for the planet, animals and children. It is difficult sometimes for humans to see the totality of the situation because they are so embedded inside of it. If you were to see wider, as us Dolphins do, you would begin to understand the infinite amount of connecting layers which interact to produce what you perceive as an infinitely small, disconnected event. But in fact it only expressed itself in a very small way on a physical level, the real fireworks display was within it’s subtle energies. But you haven’t developed your inner knowing enough to witness that, so you believe it does not exist. Isn’t this how humans have been led through life thus far? Blinded and then told that the seeing world is fairy tales. As each new human regains their sight we are seeing dramatic changes on the planet. No longer can you be fooled, you can’t un-see.

So awaken lovely humans. Look at the Earth in all her glory, vow to protect her, apologize, you are forgiven.

I love you friends, we always have – Dolphins