4/7/16 516 am

With great joy and expectation we greet you this morning dear, sweet human! Donkeys we are and donkeys we are proud surly to be! Are you proud to don the skin of humans past? Do you even know your connection to everybody and everything else? How amusing to us!

We bring you a gift this morning. Tangible in it’s simple truths. That nothing is as it seems and because of that everything and everyone become complete possibility. The world is limitless, invented by the minds, typically of men who are disconnected from and blinded to the needs of the rest of the planet. If everything matters then there are no small choices. There are no throwaway decisions. How wonderful! We can see how humans shrug off their responsibility. We wouldn’t want to claim responsibility for the destruction either! But, energy has no allegiance and it does not lie. It pools around the culprits.

Where are you going to dear human? Do you have a plan? We, the donkey, know how to get from point A to point B. We know how to face resistance and push through. We set our mind to a goal and then we strive to accomplish it. We are strong and we offer our strength to the better good of all. Our power, yes is physical, but mainly mental. I think I can and therefore I do. We do not bog ourselves down with unfounded worry. We ask you to make sure you aren’t using made up excuses to justify inactivity. Make sure you are not holding beliefs which are damaging and inhibiting to your progress. If you believe you can’t then nothing can help you, believe you can and nothing can stop you.

We leave you now with a pressing notion – that you are what you think you are. That the world is a reflection of that belief. How simple to transform it, just with a widening of perspective and laying down of beliefs.

Believe in us, as we do you.

We love you, the Donkeys