3/15/16 514 am

Greetings my friends! We are so honored to speak with you this glorious morning! We are Duck! We are excited to get the chance to communicate who we are to you so that you may see and know us more clearly. That is what we ask of you – to begin to know yourself and therefore everyone else by default, more clearly.

Why is it we build walls instead of bridges towards one another? I know you have considered the massive separation that has compartmentalized the world. I know you can feel these energetic barriers. It is ironic but not coincidental that all of these little disconnections help to form the false broken grid which holds us in a state of frozen animation and feigned movement. Stuck in memories and lies which catch us in the web and keep us in a state of ignorance designed.

I am a Duck and I encourage you to know from your heart that you are always free. That even in the death of who you were a spark remains to illuminate who you are – with the possibility of who you may be. There will always be enough after ridding oneself of the inhibiting energies, to start anew. Gaia will never leave us with “nothing”. This is an illusion that sits on a throne with cruelty, fear and ignorance. I wish for you clarity! The ability to see yourself clear of maya, with the ability to see the aspects of who you think you are versus who you actually are.

I come to you today humans to speak to you these ancient sounds to help heal and re-awaken the infinite spirit within you. My voice, as is yours, is a sacred and powerful tool of realization. Use your voice, your sounds, your vibration to really know yourself and others. This is an immense gift and I encourage you to practice speaking to others, all types of others, and to be able to speak your truth disconnected from emotional drama and instead in tune with the rhythms of our shared brothers and sisters. You need not be afraid. You are always protected while on the side of truth and love.

I love you dear star children.
We are together always and forever.

We love you – the Ducks