3/27/16 512 am

Majestic elephants are we! We cause the earth to tremble below our feet, never out of fear – rather out of respect for our magnificence. We come here today to speak with you humans about the complexities of life. Everything we do is so specifically chosen for us based on an infinite number of tiny choices made by each of us throughout the period preceding the event, choice, decision or action. Where from a human’s perspective it looks like the lifetime is split between one happening to the next. Each existing independent from the next, rotating around their own decision process. It must seem terribly mundane.

What if I told you that instead life is like a slow building up. The decisions you made when an infant can and will affect those that arise when at middle age. In fact perhaps we will go farther and say those opportunities could only come from decisions made when an infant? And absolutely everything means something and matters. Can you see how very connected we all are to everything else? Imagine just how many life patterns are possible – infinite for each of us. Who is to say that we don’t run those infinite number of patterns simultaneously to one another? There is so much possibility humans. We ask you to stop limiting yourself.

You humans become very “sure” about things. You don’t even consciously realize which belief you consistently support and empower through your belief in them. The world can and will change overnight simply because it reflects back to you the beliefs you hold. This is fantastically connected. We are all in one big puzzle together. Change your thoughts and feelings and see the world transform around us. Please realize that our connection to one another and to everything else is our power. We were “born” to be back together again.

Don’t make decisions disconnected from your truth. Remember who you are. We Elephants have protected this sacred knowledge for you, hidden from the dark for you. Waiting for the day you remember, and return home.

We love you children, the Elephants