5/13/16 526 am

When Mystic Waters run deep, so to do we see the depths of our souls pool and join in the vast oceans of the universe. Greetings lovely human friend! We the ferret, are noble and strong. We know what we need to do and the expectations of us. We have things to do, and so do you. Nothing is as it appears lovely being. It is not black and white, it is not cut and dry.

So often we bear witness to great suffering caused by the immense lack of self knowledge. Do you know thy self? Are you strong, capable and secure? Where did this innate, birthright go? How did it leave us in such an unnatural manner? As we said, nothing is as it seems. This is why we ask you to trust our mother, your brother and sisters in feather and fur and yourself.

Why do you put others authority over your own? Why do you seek external truth over inner knowing? The chains of deception are strong and many. We must see the situation for what it really is and turn to truth as if seeking out the eternal wisdom’s of life. That which you lie about has been caught in a festering trap. A small weakness which corrodes into a gaping orifice, a sink hole in ones etheric brain.

Stand up human. Take back what you have lost and step back into your power. It is easy once you decide to do it, hard once you realize you will do it alone – but not lonely. We are here for you always. Your family is far greater than you are giving yourself credit for. Not all families judge, heard and berate, thrusting their will onto others.

We are here for you. We love you. Be strong and move on. Love, the Ferrets