4/17/16 425 am

Lastly but not least for sure! The giraffes always start the party! Hello friend! We have pursued you now over great distances, a feat quite easy for a giraffe! We can see over vast amounts of space. We encourage you to begin to widen your perspective so that it may encompass more. The more you are able to take in, the closer you are to the Universe’s truth. The universe sees and knows everything, this is why she can hold no judgment. He understands every angle and has no preoccupation with deciding one being or one situation is in any way more deserving than another.

How is it that within humanity they’re always victims and perpetrators? Those oppressed and those oppressing? So cut and dry, crystal clear – one to pass blame and judgment while the other is to be elevated, exulted as better than or to be redeemed for past persecutions with future rewards. This negates the balance of nature. Mother Gaia does not need the humans help in this regard. She is universally fair. We must trust her.

So often are you humans limited not just in perspective but ability and want to change. We Giraffes fear nothing. We know everything happens for a reason and we do not question our cosmic rolls. We gladly take on the roles Gaia asks of us and we understand how integral they are within the web of existence. We ask you to accept your gifts and responsibilities humans. We ask that you step into the role the planet and the universe created for you. And what an important one! To be stewards of this planet, protectors of the animals, defiant to the exploitation and rape of her sacred womb.

Go now humans. Be the divine, sacred beings you are. Do not be afraid. We are all with you, supporting your transformation. Stand tall, be strong.

Courage is your birthright. Claim it and move forward knowing you are aligned to something inconceivably great and good.

We love you all, the Giraffe