5/2/16 516 am

With so much love and anticipation we have waited for you. Jumping with excitement at this chance for connection with self and with each other. We are the Goats and the wisdom we bring is a very joyous and fun one. Yet we also bring the message of our shared history. Both utterly important and ashamedly, both very much forgotten. How are we to move forward together when there is confusion about where we’ve been already together?

This planet is not young in an ageless way. Time is not the same for every being. While one life appears short, another fast with only the perspective changing from which we view that life. But within the timeline we see it stretch to infinity. We are not imprisoned by time, we give it too much power over us, allow it to control you, age you. We never age. Our spirit widens and we become better than the day before. You have been deceived humans. Put into a loop which keeps you small.

Jump with us! Let go! You can’t climb to your highest potential when you are afraid of heights. You have to simply let go of this limiting belief. You can fly! You can perch. You can defy gravity using your will. So much of the human will has been diminished under the weight of an oppressive paradigm. Why do you stand for it? You have been kidnapped it without even knowing it.

Don’t worry love the humans! We will always be here to help and love you. We ask you to look at yourselves and stop any lying or deceiving. You are not that beIng. Be benevolent in your intention. Be more than yesterday, every day.

We know you can do it human family. We will always be by your side.

We love you, truly – the Goats