Hermitic Indulgences

Life is about SELF-EDUCATION.  I will NEVER tell you WHAT to BELIEVE.  On the contrary, I offer you various perspectives of information in hopes that it propels you forward in your personal journey to truthful knowledge.  YOU decide what YOU believe to be TRUTH.  ALL content listed or discussed is subjective and it is up to the reader to do your OWN research and make up your OWN mind.  Beware those who claim to hold all the answers.
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The Feminine Energy of Grace (published January 2014)
9/11/2013 – 12 Years Later (published September 2013)
Hemp & Marijuana – Heal the Body, Heal the Soul, HEAL GAIA! (published August 2013)
How Was Your July 4th? (published July 2013)
RIP Stuart Wilde (published May 2013)
March Against Monsanto – MAY 25th, 2013 (published May 2013)
Follow the Money Trail Right Out of America (published April 2013)
Animals are FRIENDS not FOOD! (published April 2013)
Only Dark Wizards Behind These Curtains (published March 2013)
Be Inspired on Your Journey to Love! (published February 2013)
Hey America! WAKE UP! (published January 2013)
Words to Contemplate (published January 2013)
The Need For Guns With Heart Shaped Bullets (published January 2013)
The Importance of Growing Your Own Food (published January 2013)
Actively Striving For REAL Change (published December 2012)
Companies Will Tell You Exactly What They Are About If You Pay Attention (published December 2012)
Winter Solstice December 21st, 2012 @ 11:11 AM (published December 2012)
One Microwaved Brain Please! (published November 2012)
We Are FREE, No Matter WHAT (or WHO). (published November 2012)
Californians: We Should All Be Embarrassed. (published November 2012)
Ganglion Cysts: Could I Hit You With a Bible Instead? (published October 2012)
Animals are Sources of Unconditional LOVE (published October 2012)
Excuse Me, But I Only Received 32 of my Required 666 Immunizations (published October 2012)
We Are Holographic Representations of All That There Is (published October 2012)
A Fact Is A Fact Even If You Ignore It (published September 2012)
A Houseless Nation (published August 2012)
ActivistCash: Shining Some Light on the Black Hole of Giving (published July 2012)
Our (Almost) Genetically Modified World (published June 2012)
AGENDA 21: Map-21 / Senate Bill 1813: “Moving Ahead For Progress in the New World Order” (published June 2012)
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are Poisoning Us (published May 2012)
The Road to Health has a lot of Pot Holes (published May 2012)
Along the Path to Awakening… (published April 2012)