9/11/2013 – 12 Years Later

No matter how small, together we are strong. from “Fantasy World of Ants” by Andrey Pavlov http://tinyurl.com/89e2x36

It is the 12th anniversary of the 1st false flag attack of the new century.  The day when I awoke from my bed before 5 AM pacific time to the exclamations and fearful shouts of my parents.  I remember distinctly (don’t we all remember vividly that which traumatizes us?) getting out of my bed bleary eyed and peering over the stair rail down into the shadowed and tense living room where my parents sat watching the fiasco unfold.  I remember watching the second plane hit the tower – on repeat, thanks to the main stream medias glorification of anything deemed “exciting”.

I remember going to high school later in the morning on that same day and not having any regular classes, instead they kept us all in our homerooms and we watched the mainstream News…all…day…long…. We watched the propaganda…all…day…long.  I watched as my peers – confused and scared by the racist and nationalistic news reporters – became racists themselves – mimicking the ignorant Americans who were fooled by this instigation for war.  Daily after 9/11 the radio would be brimming with pro-America country swill, in the hopes of helping to create a whole generation of children who (like an Orwellian premonition) love their leader, love their government and appose anyone whom the government apposes.

I watched as my best childhood friend and her family (being of Indian decent and NOT Muslim in the least) were ridiculed and belittled.  Her father wore a turban (and still does) and her brothers wore head wraps to conceal their long beautiful hair.  I distinctly recall going to dinner one night with their family at a local Mexican place we had been to many times previously.  People in the restaurant stopped eating and instead turn to stare as we walked in with a hatred I have yet to see repeated (thankfully).  They would verbally insult them, say the most ignorant and racist things you can imagine – all in the name of “defending America”.

But I guess that was the point, right?

United we are Strong.  Divided we are Weak. DIVIDED we are WEAK.

A lot has happened in these past 12 years of awakening.  Americans are not the same people.  I am not the same person.  There comes a day for each of us to decide whether we are on the side of truth or the side of darkness. Perhaps G. Dubb Bush said it best in his SS reminiscent address to a joint session of Congress on September 20, 2001 when he stated: “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”  It has sadly taken us these 12 years to realize that “terrorist” is anyone who does not agree with the New World Order Agenda.

Fight for truth, fight for love, fight against the dark shadow which has no chance of escaping.

Be Safe, now more than ever.

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