A Fact Is A Fact Even If You Ignore It

published September 2012

So we all know by the lies dripping over the edges of our television screens that election time is upon us.  And of course the date for Election Day this year is 11/6/2012 (a highly occult single-note and combination of numbers equaling 13.  To read more about occult numerology meanings please click here & I also HIGHLY recommend reading Apollyon Rising 2012 a FANTASTIC book by Tom Horne that is available on amazon or via download here.  I heard him speak about this book on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory prior to reading it & he stated his home was “mysteriously” burned to the ground by inextinguishable flames after he published it.)


Mainstream America is now routinely having their Monday night football and Dancing with the Stars interrupted by general political & presidential miss-information election propaganda.  We are told that these are different candidates who believe in different things with different plans of action and who come from different backgrounds & socioeconomic situations. But how can we believe ANYTHING the television (aka mainstream NEWS in all its glory) tells us when its main purpose is to mislead and dumb down the general population? Don’t worry, the Center For Responsive Politics is here & they have done the research for you.

The Center For Responsive Politics, in their own words, is the nation’s premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. Nonpartisan, independent and nonprofit, the organization aims to create a more educated voter, an involved citizenry and a more transparent and responsive government. In short, the Center’s mission is to:

  • Inform citizens about how money in politics affects their lives
  • Empower voters and activists by providing unbiased information
  • Advocate for a transparent and responsive government

This is a simply marvelous information tool to add to your Informed-Human-Being arsenal. In preparation for the November 2012 ballot, The Center For Responsive Politics has done a great breakdown of spending and donations for the presidential candidates in the 2012 November Election – you can view the Republican and Democratic party nominations here and the remaining candidates here.

There is a TON of information to wade through on this site and I highly recommend spending some time seeing what you can find.  Such as, ever wonder what a Congressional Committee is & why we should care?  The Center For Responsive Politics elaborates:  When the President signs a major piece of legislation into law, what Americans see are the much-hyped and well-attended ceremonies. What they don’t see is the road the bill traveled. That road starts in the committees and subcommittees of Congress where members hold hearings, draft, debate, and revise legislation — and where each word is carefully crafted. It is during these meetings — sometimes held behind closed doors — that the real action takes place and special interests and consumer groups pay closest attention. Because it is at this point during the legislative process that they can change America’s public policies.  In short, congressional committees are the legislative trenches — and the bigger the bill, the higher the stakes, the more generous the campaign donations to members of the committee with jurisdiction over the issue.  That’s one reason these congressional committee assignments are so important and competitive. Lawmakers who win seats on the lucrative banking, tax-writing, or commerce committees quite often enhance their campaign war chests from industries seeking to influence legislative outcomes. Many newly elected members tend to start getting donations from special interests based on their new appointments.

Visit The Center For Responsive Politics: Learn About Money’s Influence on Politics Section to find a ton of great info and a good jumping off point.

So when all is said and done you find that you don’t have a horse in the race this November? Don’t worry you are not alone.  All I can say is if you do not believe in what or who you are voting for DON’T VOTE!  Your vote counts and NOT voting for something you DON’T believe in is just as powerful as voting for something you do.

Be Safe All!

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Public Campaign: Clean Money, Clean Elections: Fair Elections is a practical, proven reform that puts voters in control of elections. Rather than being forced to rely on special interest donors to pay for their campaigns, candidates have the opportunity to raise small donations from their grassroots base to qualify for Fair Elections funding, which ends their reliance on special interest campaign cash. Being freed from the money chase means they have more time to spend with constituents, talking about issues that matter to them. When they enter office, they can consider legislation on the merits, without worrying about whether they are pleasing well heeled donors and lobbyists. Fair Elections would return our government to one that is of, by, and for the people—not bought and paid for by special interests.