AGENDA 21: Map-21 / Senate Bill 1813: “Moving Ahead For Progress in the New World Order”

published June 2012 (Please see update below)

Map-21 Bill / Senate Bill 1813
“Moving Ahead For Progress in the 21st Century”

This Orwellian titled Bill has already been passed by the US Senate and is set to clear the House as well. To view a full Bill synopsis please click here.
The Map-21 Bill, among other things, is another Bill which ultimately merges (globalizes) power from many organizations, this time related to current transportation systems across the country. The Bill consolidates, by two thirds, 87 programs under SAFETE-LU to less than 30 programs. The legislation appears to contain many “promising funding allocations” while quietly ushering through some malevolent provisions and cutting pedestrian/bicycle path funding by 30%.
The Map-21 Bill is a continuation of the TIFA program or Transportation Infastructure Finance & Innovation Act. The TIFA program “provides” direct loans, loan guarantees and lines of credit through Federal assistance. Map-21 will “increase funding” for the TIFA program from $122 million a year to $1 BILLION per year through borrowed money WITH INTEREST that the community is responsible for repaying. In addition Map-21 allocates $100 million per year (almost the entire previous yearly TIFA funding budget) for “projects” in smaller cities and rural areas…at a lower interest rate. What those financially bound “projects” are specifically is (of course) not indicated.
Map-21 includes the following provisions which will “reduce project delivery time and costs while protecting the environment” (My Translation: allow the government to do whatever it wants by bypassing legal obligation to the People’s rights and the environment).
– Expanding the use of innovative contracting methods (“innovative“?)
– Creating dispute resolution procedures (My Translation: putting procedures in place to negate all disputes against what is being done in your community)
– Allowing for early right-of-way acquisitions (Translation: get out of the way, were coming whether your property is there or not)
– Reducing bureaucratic hurdles for projects (there’s that mystery word again) with “no significant environmental impact” (My Translation: the people deemed responsible for determining if there is “no significant environmental impact” will be a puppet controlled by the shadow people and who will directly benefit from the “project” they are (unbiasedly of course) determining. Which means there is no project too big or too nasty to be deemed “environmentally unsafe“)
– Encouraging early coordination between “relevant agencys” to avoid delays later in the review program (My Translation: the prior meeting of corporations or companies which directly benefit from the “project” being discussed, to work out the best way for it to move forward at the exclusion of public opinion/public benefit.)
– Providing “incentives” for accelerating “project” delivery decisions within specific deadlines (My Translation: blatant bribery in order to quicken decisions based on previously timelines and NOT on the environmental/community repercussions of such expedited actions)

Map-21 is said to “improve the Statewide and metropolitan area planning process to incorporate a more comprehensive performance-based approach to decision making.” (My Translation: The consolidation of power across state lines/the country with those who have proven to “preform well” (toe the agenda’s line) being allowed to make all decisions.)
Agencies receiving funding under Map-21 include: National Park Services, the Forest Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Bureau of Land Management, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Fish and Wildlife Services. Map-21 also provides funding for HIGHWAY projects on Federal lands, tribal reservations and all roads that provide access to Federal lands.

(Below info is from the always informative; to read full post please click here)
SECTION 31406 (of Senate Bill 1813/Map-21 Bill) calls for “Mandatory Event Data Recorders” to be installed in ALL new automobiles and legislation for civil penalties to be imposed against individuals for failing to do so. Section 31406 states:

“Not later than 180 Days after the date of enactment of this Act, the secretary shall revise part 563 of the title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, to require, beginning with model year 2015, that new passenger motor vehicles sold in the US be equipped with an Event Data Recorder that meets the requirements under that part.”

This Box would remain the property of the owner of the vehicle, the government would have the power to access it in a number of circumstances, including by court order, if the owner consents to make it available and/or pursuant to an investigation by the Secretary of Transportation.

The Map-21 legislation passed the Senate after being heavily promoted by Democrat Harry Reid & Democrat Barbara Boxer and is expected to pass the Republican-controlled House (because Democrats and Republicans are two faces on the same coin).

Prison Planet goes on to mention in this article that, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid also tacked onto the Map-21 legislation a provision which allows the Federal Government to revoke passports of Americans accused of owing back taxes.  US citizens who the Feds simply claim to owe $50,000 or more in delinquent taxes can have their passports revoked without due process in complete violation of the US Constitution (anyone remember that little document?).

The Daily Economist reports, “There is no requirement that the tax payer be guilty of or even charged with tax evasion, fraud, or any criminal offense – only that the citizen is alleged to owe the IRS back taxes of $50,000 or more.”

Jack Swint in this article writes, “Furthermore, the law appears to violate Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 3 of the US Constitution, which forbids, “The punishment of an individual without the benefit of judicial process.”

The Map-21 legislation is expected to pass the House also because these provisions are set to raise an estimated $750 million dollars over the next 10 years (just a coincidence I’m sure).

If you would like to contact your State’s House of Representatives & let them know how you feel about this legislation you can find a complete Congressman/woman list, by State, here.





Be Safe All!

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Proposed law would force cyclists off roads on federal land and onto paths: The Secretary of the appropriate Federal land management agency shall prohibit the use of bicycles on each federally owned road that has a speed limit of 30 miles per hour or greater and an adjacent paved path for use by bicycles within 100 yards of the road.
MAP-21 bill could revoke passports and force motor vehicles to be equipped with an ‘event data recorder’


The Map-21 legislation was passed by Congress on June 29, 2012, and President Barack Obama signed it on July 6, 2012. The vote was 373-52 in the House of Representatives and 74-19 in the United States Senate; only Republicans voted against the bill.

Bill Summary & Status – 112th Congress (2011 – 2012) – H.R.4348

The Map-21 legislation is a buddy (building block) to the Agenda 21 Orwellian Nightmare.  Please click here for a full overview of the Agenda 21 which was first “publicly” introduced in 1992 at the United Nation’s World Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America in which 179 countries participated.