Along the Path to Awakening…

Along the path to awakening..._Pic1published April 2012

I find the word “world” to be an ambiguous concept.  There is the “world” in which we think we see everyday: celebrities, television shows, our jobs, our families, the gas station attendant and the homeless woman on the corner that we give our change to.  Then there is the “world” we do not see – and that is the point.  There is a veil of illusion over us all that each of us helps to hold in place:

We turn our heads away from images of sick, dying people and quicken our pace as we hurry past them to keep from connecting with their despair.

We flip on the “News” in order to hear what we want to hear and assume there is no other facet of information available to us.

We believe the lies of the Big Medical Industry despite the fact that all of our friends and relatives are dying from cancer (“It’s O.K. Joe, you have cancer, we all do.  Let’s go get a big bowl of acid filled ice cream before I take you to get the chemo that will effectively murder your immune system and do nothing to shine light on the root causes of your illness.  Because of this I’ll take you back to chemo all over again when your cancer returns in a couple of months.  But there’s nothing to worry about, were all doing it”).

We turn on sports and passionately defend “our” teams as “our” armies invade country after country under the guise of “freedom” – raping, pillaging and murdering innocent families.  The same kinds of families we invite over to watch the Superbowl and who cheer as Madonna says a prayer to lucifer in her ridiculous “2012 half time show for the MkUltra Slave” (do yourself a favor and look up MkUltra Slaves/Project Monarch…or just keep reading).

We send our children to schools in which we have no clue who is teaching them or what they are being taught.  Schools filled with neglected, overly medicated and emotionally imbalanced children who use one another like cannon fodder in a system that runs more like a jail rather than an educational institution. Sadly schools embody more and more their true intention – not to educate and expand minds but to inhibit, oppress and produce “cookie-cutter” negative-minded clones within society.  Children are placated with anti-psychotic, anti-depression, ADHD medications which have been known to cause violence, aggression, anger and depression, especially when trying to take them off the vile concoctions that has been forced on them (Your children are a piece of you and you brought them into this crazy world.  It is your responsibility to be as informed as you can be thus allowing you to make educated decisions which are in your child’s best interest.)

We disconnect completely from who we are – all knowing, all powerful consciousness, and forget that the only truth is LOVE.  Sarcasm, rude remarks, hard and cutting glances, belittling statements – we project our own fears, insecurities, and buried issues out into the world as hate.  This effectively lowers our vibrational level and propagates disconnection, disillusion, and weakness.  We must remember who we are and where we come from as it is with this realization that we will be able to unify in love and combat any and all evils.  Address the issues you bury so deeply and take your head out of the sand.  It is only by exposing the darkness to light that we will be able to move forward and away from it.

We are effectively committing suicide through abominable diet choices and habits.  Illness lives in an acidic body, period. If you are only consuming processed foods, animal products, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, GMO products & produce (aspartame), etc., then you can guarantee your body is in a state of emergency.  Do yourself a favor and skip the visit to your general practitioner and instead look up a holistic Dr. or acupuncturist in your area.  We each have one body-computer to access the earth plane – one fluid system working in balanced precision to keep us up right and moving.  Does it make sense if you are concerned about air pollution in a city to only look at one possible cause of such pollution? No, because you have to look at all the causes to get a complete and accurate picture of what is going on.  And what if there are contributing factors which you knew nothing about?  The same is true about your body – if you are only focusing on what you think is the issue (such as what hurts), then you never get to the underlying cause of the problem.  Go to a couple different types of healing practitioners and then make up your mind!  But just taking a pill to mask the pain does nothing to cure the pain, it will just come back and probably as something much worse.  Listen to your body and stop being afraid of what it might say.  It is not that we don’t all want to grow old, it is that we don’t want to be “trapped” in broken down bodies and cloudy minds.  It is a choice to grow old in this way, you just have to love yourself enough to choose health instead.

Though the veil of illusion comes in many forms its “sources” seem to stem from the same place – an underlying malevolent shadow which guides the poor choices and disinformation in society. This shadow is not just external from us, it is within us – it is reflected within our decisions based in hate, jealousy, greed and the ego driven wants and desires. It is time to open our eyes and look at the real world behind the fabricated matrix.  It can be very overwhelming the first blasts of light after so much darkness but we can and will get used to what the light brings: truth, true freedom, health, peace of mind, support and most importantly LOVE.  Our perspectives must change from greed and the need for more, more, more – “More” will not fill the holes or repair the cracks we all have deep inside.  Money is energy and it is used as a mechanism for control.  Poverty is promoted (considerably so in the dark days by the church) as “holy” in order to trap people under the weight of their own scarcity.  Keep people in the dark and they never figure out how to play the game, or in this case, how to survive with more than a dollar in their bank account.

Rather than contributing to a broken, elitist, negative system we must work together to cultivate currency which can never diminish – our own unique, individualized creativity.  We all have such creativity, whether you have yet realized yours or not.  You are worth more than the energy of any dollar, euro, peso, whatever.  Your special, unique, individualized creativity is your forever pocket change-energy and can and should be used to help yourself and others.  In return for your creativity comes the compensation of others special, unique, individualized creativity, and on and on as all humanity is connected.  POOR IS AN ILLUSION!  We are rich with life within a completely ABUNDANT world.  Money is Energy & Energy is NEVER destroyed!

So start small – stop looking for the negative in life.  Help people.  Hold the door open for someone, leave your change to pay for part of someone’s item behind you at a store (people REALLY appreciate this, I actually had an attendant tell me the following day that the woman whom I left my $2 change for was VERY grateful – sometimes $1 or $2 dollars can change someones day), speak to the lonely old man on the bus.  And most importantly – realize you are but a fragment of a universal loving consciousness and because of this each person you pass is but you having a different human experience.  Love each other and help each other.  We are not alone; we ALWAYS have & ALWAYS will have each other.

Be safe.