Animals are FRIENDS not FOOD!


published April 2013

I have decided to write an article about why I have made the choice to no longer consume the flesh or bi-products of animals.  There is a ton of miss-information out there (by design) to keep you locked into the “Standard-Food Pyramid” – or as I like to refer to it, the “Road-To-A-Sure-Cancerous-DEATH Pyramid”.  Humans are conditioned to be trapped within their ritualistic mind.  This means that change often causes fear, that old patterns of behavior die hard and people will defend practices that are killing them as long as they can keep doing what they have always been doing.

We have been LIED to about nutrition and health, PERIOD, end of sentence.  All the secular doctors that I have had the displeasure of encountering in my lifetime know NOTHING about preventative health or nutrition (if you are an MD and also holistic – I commend you!) Childhood friends that I went to school with long ago who have become MDs or nurses know NOTHING about preventative health or nutrition.  In secular medicine, everything is divided up and nothing is connected – BY DESIGN.  If you want people to keep getting sick and to stay sick because you MAKE MONEY FROM PEOPLE BEING SICK, then it is to your benefit to NOT connect the dots.  It is to your benefit to NOT tell people how to prevent the illnesses they keep acquiring. We are supposed to believe that cancer “just happens to everyone”.  That suddenly dying from cancer is a normal part of life – it IS NOT and NEVER WAS.

The first step towards preventative health is to sift through all the shit you think you “know” but which are really deceptive lies that have been indoctrinated into you by your family, the education system and society as a whole.  It is not the people who raised us fault, they were duped just like the rest of us and cycles of ignorance just keep repeating.  That is until you RESEARCH the FACTS and replace those outdated FALSE theories with proven knowledge and truthful information.  We need to begin making CONSCIOUS decisions as opposed to UNCONSCIOUS decisions regarding our health.  We have the choice to eat whatever we want (and believe me I don’t have a lot of money yet I still eat Organic foods – veggies, fruit, grains etc.) .  We CHOOSE the type of lifestyle we want – if we eat GMO processed foods, laden with milk and meat and table/iodized salt then we are making the CHOICE to be lethargic, fat, dehydrated and sick.  No one lives your life for you, at the very bare bones we are directing our own lives with every action or non-action we choose to take (or not take).  So choose a road that will get you to where you WANT to be: health, happiness, vibrancy & the body you always wanted.

This is a multi – multi – multi – faceted issue.  We are being attacked at every level in regards to our health but I am only going to speak about nutrition derived from food consumption in this article.  I will, however, link a plethora of connected topics below for advanced research (which as always, I highly recommend you do!).  Let’s begin with this all too important quote from a pro-Big Agro/Factory Farm website, Meat MythCrushers (let me also state that I hold the exact OPPOSITE beliefs of this propaganda fueled website & their “experts” section should give you a good idea as to who is backing/benefiting from these skewed beliefs):

“Today, fewer than five percent of Americans live on farms. The majority are separated from farming by multiple generations.

This means that for many people, the news media, books and movies are their sources for information about how America’s food is produced. This also means Americans are vulnerable to myths and misinformation.

Unfortunately many of us believe that we lack the skills necessary to seek out truthful health information on our own thus we are left to become the victim in regards to making positive and sound health decisions.  In reality we are more than capable of deciding FOR OURSELVES what makes us feel good, strong, clear-headed and truly HEALTHY!  There is TONS of information available out there regarding a healthy diet and preventative medicine – while the above statement is true, it surely shunts us into a victim role which is NOT what we are!

This is a superb quote from Paul C. Bragg which sums up the state in which we find most of our unconscious bodies in:

Some people will blame everything on earth except food as the cause of their physical miseries and premature aging. Why they are suffering is always a mystery to them. The average person does not know how horribly unclean the inside of their body is, caused by years and years of overeating, eating when not really hungry and, in many cases, wrong-minded eating of dead, devitalized foods. All these unhealthy habits build up internal poisons and clogging toxic wastes in their bodies.

[update –

as a side note I also found this really interesting article on Paul C Bragg’ tarnished legacy which actually does clear up a lot of the err creepy? (for lack of a better word) relationship qualities between him and his “daughter” (daughter in law) and also his age.  Like everything, take good information with a grain of salt – apply it to your life in the most positive way possible and blow love to those that offered you the information in the first place.  At the end of the day, they are human beings too and make mistakes.]

We cannot start feeling better until we take an honest and hard look at our eating habits – WHERE they are coming from (I used to eat Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches every day when I was a kid) & what EMOTIONS are attached to these habits (my mom made me those sandwiches and it always made me feel closer to her, safe and comfortable).  Unfortunately in our society, food has become much more than just a means of deriving energy to run our bodies.  Food has become a drug.  It is used as a coping mechanism for unresolved emotions and feelings, it is used as a way to connect to other people, it is used as a control mechanism, it is used as a reward and a punishment.  What it overwhelmingly is NOT used for is simply a means to keeping the body energized, healthy and ALKALINE.  We need to change our perspective about what food IS so that we can begin to pick through what it is NOT.  Just like all the other muck we have to sift through to get out of this shit-fest manipulated dogma, food too has to be looked at and acknowledged.  Because, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT – or even better,  THE ENERGY YOU CONSUME IS THE ENERGY YOU BECOME.

The most vital aspects of preventative health are to keep your body alkaline, stay away from GMOs, get the enriched flours out of your diet, realizing meat, dairy, alcohol and sugar are acidic poisons, & go Organic! (& even better grow your OWN organic food). I just want to add something here about Organic foods. The mainstream media (i.e. Dr. Oz – what a lovely mk ultra name) would like you to believe that eating Organic foods is somehow pretentious and offers no health benefits. They would like you to believe that these ignorant people drive around their Obama bumper sticker laden prius’ while scarfing down organic foods and laughing as piles of money float from their car windows. This could not be further from the truth. First of all the main promoters of ACTUAL Organic/sustainable lifestyles are typically people who do NOT have a lot of money (there are people who do of course I am sure but I don’t know them). If something is certified organic then you know FOR SURE it is NOT GMO. This is the main reason people are discouraged from seeing what is going on because it arms you with the capability of protecting yourself through better decision making. If you eat all the processed crap on the grocery store shelves then you get sick more and see the doctor more and then are on prescription drugs and then guess what? You just made SOMEONE a lot of money….oh you have cancer? Too bad, not their problem.

I have linked below a plethora of information regarding veganism, alkalinity, proper nutrition, the dairy & calcium myths, factory farms, etc., ETC.  Do yourself a favor and do a little RESEARCH before you cram that next bearclaw down your gullet.  I want to add as well – not too long ago I listened to a Coast to Coast AM show with Dr. Robert O Young of  I recommend listening to it as well as it linked in nicely with an article titled “The Best Tasting Green Superfood Powder Products” I read at Natural News regarding the importance of incorporating a green drink into your daily diet.  I have to say that it has been a couple weeks since I did this as well and the difference is PHENOMENAL! I 150% recommend this addition to your diet.  As a side note, I had my mom (who does NOT consume healthy ANYTHING) take a sip of my green drink and she almost puked – make sure you match your current level of vegetable intake with potency of drink – there are definitely specific ones out there for green newbies!

AnimalsAreFriendsNotFood2One thing I did not touch on – the energetic ramifications in regards to eating meat and ones path to conscious evolution / awakening.  Personally, I believe that we take in whatever energy that which we eat holds.  In example, if you are eating meat from an animal which was physically tortured, mentally and emotionally abused, force-fed chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs and forced to cannibalize others, then you are eating the fear, hatred, sadness and heavy-dense vibrational waveform energy of that animal.  It is my belief that choosing to consume the meat of an animal means you not only condone the actions set forth against it prior to it landing on your plate, but that you also take part in its murder – karmically and energetically.  I also do not hold the completely cognitive dissonant belief that an animal can be “humanely killed”.  Might as well just keep going to “War for Peace” eh?

I find it very difficult to believe that spiritual growth completely overlooks putting yourself before another living thing and making the choice to kill and consume – this seems completely Ego driven to me and the opposite of an action founded in love.  As with EVERYTHING we are FREE to make our OWN choices and decisions – just do a little research first so that you can justify those choices to yourself later on! Also as a side note – I have developed the opinion that humanity as a whole has been led full throttle towards satanic eating habits.  The consumption of blood or DNA alters the psyche of the one consuming.  I will have to formulate a post on this for the future once I have worked out more of the ideas.

Happy Veggie-Eating!

Stay Safe Out There!

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