Hey America! WAKE UP!


published January 2013

I was BORN in this country, I was RAISED in this country and I have much LOVE for this country.  All of us who have been raised in Americaland have systematically gone through the same patriotization (it’s my word and I like it) – we were taught that we live in the “Land of the Free”, the “Home of the Brave”, within the land of extended open arms which welcomes those bedraggled and homeless world travelers.

Those who have grown up in this country know that we have been indoctrinated with a perspective of ourselves that is quite (for lack of a better word) – boastful.  While patriotic ideals are important (if not mandatory to be an American) there is a thin line between patriotism and racism veiled in nationalism.  Through the main stream media and education system we have been systematically dumbed down and quite ostracized from the reality that is the rest of the world.  Painfully few Americans seem to care what is happening in other parts of the world let alone here in America!  Because of this disconnect there is an enormous difference between the way we perceive ourselves to be viewed by the rest of the world and how the rest of the world actually sees us.

I find it disgusting that we have allowed our America to be corrupted by malicious and evil forces who only wish to see America broken down and destroyed.  We have allowed ourselves to be separated by illusion – “supposed” differences that make us somehow better or beyond the scope of the worlds problems.  Despite what you have been told we are All One and the Orwellian caste system that dictates standardized practices on this planet needs to be abolished. What happens across the planet EFFECTS YOU.  Suffering that goes unacknowledged effects the vibrational energy on this planet – doing nothing is the same as perpetrating the crime. Paying taxes with full knowledge (or making the CHOICE to be uninformed) that taxes are spent on evil, sadistic, murderous “black ops projects” means you are RESPONSIBLE for the destruction said projects cause.

It is time to WAKE UP AMERICA!

Here is the first series of informational links regarding America – I will be updating constantly.

Stay Safe All!

The Black Vault: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Document Collections
Documentaries From The Trenches
Civil Disobedience (Originally published as “Resistance to Civil Government”) By Henry David Thoreau – 1849: I HEARTILY ACCEPT the motto, — “That government is best which governs least”; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe, — “That government is best which governs not at all”; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.
True Patriots: Civilian Militia Expands to 38 States To Protect Constitution
USA #1? 40 Embarrassing Things That America Is The Best In The World At
Five Ways the US Can Have an Icelandic Revolution
It’s About To Blow
Is It Possible – Or Even Desirable – To Be Mentally Prepared For Apocalypse?
The Great Culling has begun: Will your genetic lineage survive?: Bill Gate sums up the agenda nicely with his quote:The world today has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” [LOWER = KILL When you see eugenicists speak about “lowering the population” and how there are “too many people on the planet” they are talking about systematically MURDERING a portion of the people on the planet.  WAKE UP!!! On a side note – I was horribly saddened to hear an essay written by Bindi Irwin where she related over population to an overburdened party with too many guests. I guess what she didn’t think about was how to fit the guillotine in the party to get rid of all the people who “weren’t supposed to show up”.  Tell me, who exactly decides who is “supposed to be here” as opposed to who is not?  Don’t get me wrong, I can easily see how human beings destroy Gaia, however, I believe the solution to be about changing the way we live to align with nature rather than murdering whoever the powers at be choose and claiming it is to help the planet.  It is not and never was.  I love you Steve Irwin.
Humanity Is Drowning In Washington’s Criminality
ORMUS and Structure by Barry Carter: Many of the problems that we deal with in the world can be traced to the structures that we have created and empowered to act on our behalf. We create these structures, empower them and then they take on a life of their own. The structures we created become our masters instead of our servants as we originally intended.
Nazi Germany’s War On Terrorism – Exact Same Story, Different Country

Militarized America:

America Stands Upon the Precipice of Brutal Martial Law
Our Crumbled Republic: The Act of 1871 – “An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia”: An essential breakdown which exemplifies how our Constitution went from an Organic Republics Constitution FOR the people of the United States of America to a Corporate Constitution OF the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Beware: A President who justifies secret drone killings of Americans can justify anything
Obama Waives Bush Law Banning Child Soldiers: Sunday afternoon, President Obama signed a Presidential memorandum, stating the following: “I hereby determine that it is in the national interest of the United States to waive the application of the prohibition in section 404(a) of the CSPA [Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008] with respect to Libya, South Sudan, and Yemen…  and the issuance of licenses for direct commercial sales of U.S. origin defense articles; and I hereby waive such provisions accordingly.” Section 404(a) deals with exporting arms to countries that allow child-soldiers.
A Nation of Sheep Being Led to the Slaughter? by Dave Hodges
Military Commissions Act of 2006
The Patriot Act 1 & 2
John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007
QE3: What is quantitative easing? And will it help the economy?
National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2013
The NDAA and the Death of the Democratic State
When the Rule of Force Replaces the Rule of Law
The Relentless March of the U.S. Police State
The Militarization of U.S. Domestic Policing by Abigail R. Hall & Christopher J. Coyne
Meet the Contractors Turning America’s Police Into a Paramilitary Force
Sinister Sites: IRS Headquarters, Maryland
CTC [“Combatting Terrorism Center” at West Point] says opposition to a New World Order is terrorist activity
Police Chief Deploys Officers With Assault Rifles To Stop & ID Everyone; Says Local Crime Stats Give Him Probable Cause
Is The NYPD’s “Protect & Serve” Policy A Thing Of The Past?
“The American Military Coup of 2012″: Encroachment upon Basic Freedoms, Militarized Police State in America
Congress OKs 30,000 flying drones spying on Americans across U.S. cities
Police State USA. Glimmer of Hope: Citizens Force Seattle To Scrap Police Drones
Global Governance: The Quiet War Against American Independence (FULL VIDEO): In 1966, a Georgetown University professor published, Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organization. about the elite Network which he said controls America. His book approved of their plan for global, or world, control to supersede our self-government by “We the people.” The professor had a profound effect on one of his students, President Bill Clinton.
The New American Century (FULL VIDEO)
Why The Banking Elite Want Riots in America
Obama plans to use military drones against American journalists, freedom activists and critics of government
The Real Drone Horror — Revenue Enhancement
Obama’s Expanding Kill List
What does a police state look like?
Milwaukee Cop Who Punched Handcuffed Woman in Face Reinstated Thanks to Police Bill of Rights
Police Murder Man with Down Syndrome at Movie Theater for “Disobeying Orders” & No charges for deputies who choked man with Down’s Syndrome in theater: Absolutely SICKENING! Sign the Petition for Justice for Robert Saylor
New Bill Would Require the Conscription of “All Persons Between the Ages of 18 and 25 to Perform National Service”: Hello again to the Draft – you know that despicable forced slavery where they require you to blindly murder people on foreign continents?  Ya, you remember.
REMEMBER: WACO – 85 Innocent Men, Women and Children Murdered[…By Our Own Government]
Police Brutality: Broward County, FL deputy verbally abusing a suspect [VIDEO] & a plethora more: PoliceCrimes.com
Law Enforcements Training Document: Domestic Terrorist AKA Anyone Apposing the New World Order
Supreme Court Throws Out Challenge To Warrantless Wiretapping Of Americans
Children in custody were involved in 43,000 strip searches in just two years
New York Man Summoned to Court for Laughing Too Loud: You just seriously can’t even make this shit up.
School Calls Cops Over Water Pistol; Vows To Track Down Owner Using Surveillance Cams: Why the HELL are you still sending your children to these PRISONS? WAKE UP to HOMESCHOOLING and be a PARENT!
Cops Nab 5-Year-Old for Wearing Wrong Color Shoes to School
New York police sued for pepper-spraying 5-month-old baby: Seriously what the hell is going on? I think you know.
NYPD License Plate Readers Will Be Able To Track Every Car Entering Manhattan
US Army Colonel Issues Warning About Remorseless “Killer Robots”
Enraged protesters battle cops in Brooklyn streets during third night of rioting after it’s revealed that 16-year-old Kimani Gray was shot in the back
Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force” Was this planned all along and who else is behind it.: I remember when Obama first publicized this idea of “his” years and years ago.  It immediately made me think that this is a precursor to both a nark-run country where we fear doing ANYTHING in public because ANYONE could be a plainclothes “civilian” nark and also how this would evolve into a compulsory military service of the young. 
Students fear for privacy as universities apply for drone-flying permits
NYPD Whistleblower Suspended and Sent to Psychiatric Ward, Report Reveals
Special Forces Commander: ‘Constabulary Force’ Coming
Department of Homeland Security Can Seize Gold, Silver, Guns in Safety Deposit Boxes
NJ Mother Told to Turn In Guns, Accused of ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading Constitution at Local Tax Meeting
Police “Saving” Boston At Gunpoint (Videos)
What Really Happened, The Boston Facts
‘I’m Going to Grab Your Baby, and Don’t Resist’: Cops Barge Into Calif. Parents’ Home, Take Their Baby After They Seek 2nd Medical Opinion — And It’s on Video: “It seems like parents have no rights whatsoever,” Alex said.  Originally from Russia, he said the situation reminds him of a “communist regime.”
14,000 officers allowed to carry 50,000-volt Tasers after just three days training [BRITAIN] & 538 Taser-Related Deaths in the United States Since 2001: I added the article in Britain because often other West powers have regulations rolled out prior to being introduced into America – it’s a GLOBAL game after all.  Tasers should NOT be allowed – how can a 230 LBS man and a 95 LBS girl be shot with the same voltage and have the same effect? THEY CAN’T & THAT’S THE POINT!  Tasers = Human Cattle Prods.
What is Presidential Authorization “Greystone” – and better yet, Why Should We Care?
New law will ban protesters from riding mass transit in California: “Oh silly me, I thought we still lived in the USA – Germany you say? And I need to show you papers you say?”
America No Longer Has a Functioning Judicial SystemThe Department of Justice told a federal court this week that the NSA’s spying “cannot be challenged in a court of law”.  Also this week, the Department of Justice told a federal court that the courts could not review the legality of the government’s extra-judicial assassination by drone of Americans abroad.
Court: Chevron Can Seize Americans’ Email Data
Floridians Encouraged To Report Neighbors Who “Hate Government”: “Bradshaw plans to use the extra $1 million to launch “prevention intervention” units featuring specially trained deputies, mental health professionals and caseworkers. The teams will respond to citizen phone calls to a 24-hour hotline with a knock on the door and a referral to services, if needed,” reports the Palm Beach Post. – Ummmm who determines what is NEEDED would be MY question ! NAZI!!
Pentagon to deploy huge blimps over Washington, DC for 360-degree surveillance
Taken: Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven’t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their cash, cars, and even homes. Is that all we’re losing?
Pre-Crime And Mind Control Technologies Are Already Here
TSA to Purchase 3.5 Million Rounds of Ammunition: The Transportation Security Administration is set to purchase 3.5 million .357 SIG caliber bullets, enough for its agents to fire 9,400 rounds a day, every day of the year.  Although TSA agents in airports are currently unarmed, last month the TSA announced its plan to hire the use of a firing range within a 20 mile radius of LaGuardia Airport in order to train TSA workers. ALSO – see THIS article which exemplifies just how the TSA are getting armed – through those good-ole pre-meditated false flag attacks.
Welcome to the United Police States of America: Nevertheless, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 400 to 500 innocent people are killed by police officers every year. That does not include the number of unarmed individuals shot and injured by police simply because they felt threatened or feared for their safety. This is the danger of having a standing army (which is what police forces, increasingly made up of individuals with military backgrounds and/or training, have evolved into) that has been trained to view the citizenry as little more than potential suspects, combatants and insurgents.

Indebted & Tagged America:

Breaking the Chains of Debt Peonage
The Politics of Debt in America: From Debtor’s Prison to Debtor Nation
Welfare, Food Stamp Recipients Could Soon Be Required To Get Microchipped With RFID Tags
USDollar: Ring-Fenced & Checkmate
First Federal Reserve Audit Reveals Trillions in Secret Bailouts: Ben Bernanke has been shoveling cash in secret to his mates on Wall Street an audit shows. He initially admitted to $45 billion in loans, but later it was discovered that Citigroup borrowed $2.5 trillion, Morgan Stanley $2 trillion, Merrill Lynch $1.9 trillion and the Bank of America got $1.3 trillion.
A World’s Record: More Than 30% of U.S. Population Unemployed
Implementation of Biometric IDs for Employment
Back to the Country: because America is a very different place depending on in which part you were raised/settle.
American Poverty: Photo Essays In Our Own Backyard: AmericanPoverty.org is a non-profit alliance of photojournalists using visual storytelling to raise awareness about “how the other half lives.” Joining us are renowned American writers, filmmakers and educators, all of whom seek to alleviate poverty and make it a national priority. Together we are working to dispel stereotypes and encourage actions that can create lasting impact in the lives of disadvantaged people.
Poor America (Full Documentary)
America: Freedom to Fascism (FULL VIDEO)The documentary covers many subjects, including: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the income tax, Federal Reserve System, national ID cards (REAL ID Act), human-implanted RFID tags (Spychips), Diebold electronic voting machines, globalization, Big Brother, Taser weapons abuse, and the alleged use of terrorism by government as a means to diminish the citizens’ rights.
Agenda 21 and Global Government with Michael Coffman (FULL VIDEO)Dr. Michael Coffman is CEO of Sovereignty International. He has a Ph.D. in ecosystems analysis and has taught in universities in ecology, ecosystems, forest management, and meteorology as well as conducted research in these areas. He led a multimillion dollar research effort into the effects of global warming on our nation’s ecosystems in the late 1980s and 1990s before leaving that position to start his consulting firm, Environmental Perspectives, Inc. and create Sovereignty International to expose the global agenda.
Behind The Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 with Rosa Koire (FULL VIDEO)
Depopulation: Agenda 21 Simplified (FULL VIDEO)
Monsanto further unveils its true evil nature by signing on to UN Agenda 21 ‘sustainability’ scam
Who Needs SOPA? Media Giants Collude to Punish File Sharing
There’s A Staggering Conspiracy Behind The Rise Of Consumer Culture
The Century of the SELF – Full Documentary | Episodes 1 – 4: The Century of the Self is an award-winning British television documentary series by Adam Curtis. It focuses on how the work of Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, and Edward Bernays influenced the way corporations and governments have analyzed, dealt with, and controlled people.  The Century of the Self asks deeper questions about the roots and methods of modern consumerism, representative democracy, commodification and its implications. It also questions the modern way we see ourselves, the attitudes to fashion and superficiality.  The business and political world uses psychological techniques to read, create and fulfill our desires, to make their products or speeches as pleasing as possible to us. Curtis raises the question of the intentions and roots of this fact. Where once the political process was about engaging people’s rational, conscious minds, as well as facilitating their needs as a society, the documentary shows how by employing the tactics of psychoanalysis, politicians appeal to irrational, primitive impulses that have little apparent bearing on issues outside of the narrow self-interest of a consumer population.
Unemployed: Removed from the Workforce via Corporate Dictate
AGENDA 21: Orwell’s Dystopic Nightmare Comes True: Agenda 21 Smart Cities Are Here!: Think privacy and freedom are limited commodities now? Try having either of those things living in a smart city control grid where everything you do is tracked, traced, chipped and monitored 24 hours a day.
AGENDA 21: Wireless Smart Meters and Civil Rights
AGENDA 21: STOP Smart Meters!: Vermont paves the way for stopping these ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL tracking devices!
AGENDA 21: GLOBAL WARNING SCAM: As Carbon Dioxide Levels Continue To Rise, Global Temperatures Are Not Following Suit: New data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration show atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are continuing to rise but global temperatures are not following suit. The new data undercut assertions that atmospheric carbon dioxide is causing a global warming crisis.
AGENDA 21: Government’s climate watchdog launches astonishing attack on the Mail on Sunday… for revealing global warming science is wrong
Global Climate Scam – Exposing the Truth About Global Warming Hysteria
The Loss of Food Rights: How the Government Destroys Local Farms: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Food Rights: (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2013), by David E. Gumpert, takes readers on a disturbing cross-country journey from Maine to California through a netherworld of Amish farmers paying big fees to questionable advisers to avoid the quagmire of America’s legal system, secret food police lurking in vans at farmers markets, cultish activists preaching the benefits of pathogens, and suburban moms worried enough about the dangers of supermarket food that they’ll risk fines and jail to feed their children unprocessed, and unregulated, foods of their choosing.
Banks Threaten to Punish Cities that Use Eminent Domain to Help Underwater Homeowners: & the banks are the one who CAUSED the mortgage crisis in the first place – are we paying attention?!
No more free sun: Arizona’s biggest power utility wants to tax solar
Forget REAL ID — The Global Smart-ID is coming!: And if you don’t want anything to do with it, it’ll be tough, if not impossible, to get by in the future, because you’ll have to use your global ID to access all government services and healthcare services, to drive a car, and, once cash is gone, to pay for anything. Given the atmosphere of mistrust engendered by the system, and the constant fear of terrorism, over time it’s likely you’d need to ‘validate your identity’ to get insurance, to get a job, and to access buildings.
Micro-Chipped Pharmaceuticals Given Green Light by Medical Totalitarians
The USDA Is Pushing Food Stamps Like a Drug Dealer at a Grade School: In many locations, outreach programs are taking place – people don’t even have to go down to the benefits office to sign up.  They can find out if they are eligible right in the grocery store parking lot.  The USDA is spending an additional THREE MILLION DOLLARS not on providing food, but on providing outreach to convince people to accept the benefits.  They are effectively hunting people down and talking them into accepting benefits that folks never realized they “needed”. [If you want to control a population, you control its ABILITY to obtain FOOD.  The more people dependent on the government for necessities like food, the more people who will willingly give up their personal rights for said necessities.  This is likened to the “Oh you want a sandwich?  Only people vaccinated with this mercury laden shot can get THAT sandwich.”]
The scam of unpaid internships: How companies exploit free labor from students under the guise of unpaid internships: It is bad enough young Americans are underpaid so why add insult to injury and have them “work” for free?  Most internships require students to receive some sort of takeaway that may include gaining new job skills or learning a new trade.  However, as has been the case many times over, many students are used as errand runners fetching coffee or other menial tasks.
Agenda 21: The city of 2050: Have you ever wondered where you or your children may be living in 2050? Experts predict that by then three-quarters of the world’s population will live in cities. [Gee sounds a little Orwellian and 1984 to me eh?]
The Government Is Spying On Us Through Our Computers, Phones, Cars, Buses, Streetlights, At Airports And On The Street, Via Mobile Scanners And Drones, Through Our Smart Meters, And In Many Other Ways
Your Whole Life Is Online: Mind Reader’s Secret & Trippy Twist at the End–Great Lesson [VIDEO]
Cutting Food Stamps for Over 45 Million Americans: The Ruthlessness of the American Ruling Class: Meanwhile TRILLIONS of dollars are spent every year on war, aid to ruthless dictators and to line our political “representatives” pockets.  Shame to those who hide in the dark, it won’t be dark for long.
AGENDA 21:Obama’s Climate Task Force Is a Treaty Trap: Obama’s new executive order (EO) that creates a global warming task force, The Council on Climate Preparedness and Resilience, is a tool to implement Agenda 21, which is the blueprint for totalitarian control through the United Nations. The new task force utilizes corrupt science that comes directly from the the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that is the source of countless scandals. Obama’s strategy is designed to bypass Congress in order to lockdown land use and control water resources. And there are hidden UN and World Trade Organization treaties lurking in the background.

The World’s America:

Permanent US Afghanistan Occupation: After all, where else would we get 80% of the world’s heroin from & funnel all that drug money too?…errr..I mean “al-Qaeda”, must fight “al-Qaeda”…
U.S. Leaving Toxic Time-Bombs Across Afghanistan: The U.S. Government waged chemical warfare in Afghanistan. It did not do so with sarin gas or mustard gas, but with solvents, toxic metals, hazardous liquids, corrosive materials, infectious hospital waste and radioactive debris from scrap military equipment. Millions of gallons and millions of tons of each were transported into Afghanistan and used, with the spent remains being burned, buried and abandoned in hundreds of outposts, air bases and forward operating bases across Afghanistan. The Kabul Press and other have written for years about the toxic burn pits operated by the U.S. military, the illegal landfills and the other environmentally damaging practices that resulted from more than a decade of U.S. and NATO military operations.
Afghanistan: A Roadblock To The New World Order
‘US-led Afghanistan strike kills several’: US-led foreign forces have bombed a religious school in Afghanistan’s northern Balkh province, killing several people, Press TV reports. – Yes, you read that right, bombed a SCHOOL.  Because it is OK to kill school children as long as their brown?
This Before And After Image Of Afghanistan Is Hard To Believe: absolutely devastating.
Voices For Creative Nonviolence: I Am Hurting Too: It’s hard for me, an ordinary citizen of Singapore, a medical doctor engaged in social enterprise work in Afghanistan and a human being wishing for a better world, to write this from Kabul. But people are dying. And children and women are feeling hopeless.
White House and CIA told DEA to Ignore Afghan Drug Trade
US airstrikes have killed hundreds of Afghan children: UN
NATO Airstrike Kills 10 Afghan Civilians
Pentagon Has No Idea What 108,000 Contractors Are Doing: The number of contractors working in Afghanistan now vastly outnumbers American troops stationed there, according to a Congressional Research Service report.
51 UN Countries Vote to Keep Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Hidden from Public ViewHiding a military nuclear arsenal is no small feat. What this latest US-led lobbying effort in the UN demonstrates clearly, is that the State of Israel, shielded by its chief backers the United States, Great Britain and France, maintains its own set of rules outside of international laws and norms.
About that stupid “Muslims killing all Christians at a mall” story: Muslims don’t hate Christians. Muslims believe Jesus will return again to rule them, NOT MOHAMMED. Muslims protected Christian churches in the holy land for hundreds of years, even if the churches sat abandoned by Christians for centuries. One good example is the Aboud Church, which sat empty for a very long time and was taken care of by Muslims, with the Muslims holding the keys for centuries until Christians returned to use it. NOT A JOKE. And you want to know how that church was finally destroyed? … the Israeli “defense” forces destroyed it for no reason.
We in the Gaza Strip will not die in silence
Child survivor of Gaza massacre denied medical treatment by Israel
Israel bulldozes West Bank homes: video
Al-Khadr‘s monastery attacked by tear gas: “During school, the soldiers often come stand next to the class room windows, making the children nervous, and when the students are in the playground, the soldiers insult them and call them names. Two weeks ago, they even shot tear gas at the kids. The teachers try to comfort the children and teach them not to throw stones, because this only creates more trouble,” the headmaster says.
Israel army publishes fake image of huge “Gaza shopping mall”: More than 70 percent of the Gaza population receives some form of humanitarian aid, compared with one third in the year 2000.
Call for Israeli Agricultural Produce Boycott
Israeli security forces spray raw sewage at Palestinian homes
Shocking and Horrific Footage: Zionist Crimes Against Jewish PeopleZionist Israeli thugs are beating up and using tasers on members of the Orthodox Neturei Karta. Zionist does NOT equal Jewish & Jewish does NOT equal Zionist.
Americans are Sick of Funding Israel
EU: Israel settlement approval illegal: Gee tell us something we didn’t know.
Israel’s Siege of Gaza Is Sadistic and Illegal, Yet US Support Continues
Genocide in Iraq: The Case Against the UN Security Council and Member States
Privileges of New Democratic Iraq: Rape & Torture of Innocent Women in Maliki’s Prisons
The hidden cost of the Iraq War [VIDEO]
Iraq Today: America’s Genocidal Legacy: America’s embassy cost over a billion dollars to build. It’s the world’s largest.  It’s inside Baghdad’s Green Zone. It includes 21 buildings. Extraordinary security measures protect them. They’re on 104 acres of land. It’s the equivalent of 80 football fields.
IRAQ: Counting the Bodies: A new study released today and published in the Public Library of Science – Medicine journal tries to create a more accurate picture of what death in Iraq has looked like since 2003. An international team of researchers from the University of Washington, Simon Fraser University, John Hopkins University, and Mustansiriya University (Baghdad) sampled 2000 households, asking for information on deaths of family and household members.  It finds that approximately one half million Iraqis died from war related causes between 2003 and 2011.  A majority, more than sixty percent of the deaths, were directly caused by violence – gunshots, explosions like Saturday’s car bomb, or areal bombings.  The rest are attributable to social collapse, the loss of infrastructure and health care from the invasion, occupation, and political and sectarian violence that followed:

Iraq’s Dysfunctional Elite
How the World Health Organisation Covered Up Iraq’s Nuclear NightmareLast month, the World Health Organisation (WHO) published a long awaited document summarising the findings of an in-depth investigation into the prevalence of congenital birth defects (CBD) in Iraq, which many experts believe is linked to the use of depleted uranium (DU) munitions by Allied forces. According to the ‘summary report’: “The rates for spontaneous abortion, stillbirths and congenital birth defects found in the study are consistent with or even lower than international estimates. The study provides no clear evidence to suggest an unusually high rate of congenital birth defects in Iraq.”
UN: Over 800 People Killed In Iraq In August: The UN said that 716 of those killed in August were civilians and 88 were Iraqi security forces. [Dear God]
The Truth about the Massacres of Abu Graib and Al-Taji Prisons: An ex-judge in the current Iraqi Government, Muneer Haddad, said that thousands of the detainees are innocent people, but opacity and confusion remains the prevailing policies and behavior of the Iraqi officials.
5 Lies Invented to Spin UN Report on Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack: As predicted days before the UN’s Syrian chemical weapons report was made public, the West has begun spinning the findings to bolster their faltering narrative regarding alleged chemical weapon attacks on August 21, 2013 in eastern Damascus, Syria. The goal of course, is to continue demonizing the Syrian government while simultaneously sabotaging a recent Syrian-Russian deal to have Syria’s chemical weapon stockpiles verified and disarmed by independent observers.
Does the US Support Al Qaeda, New World Order in Syria?
US-Backed Terrorists Behead 24 Syrians Including Baby: Al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria have beheaded all 24 Syrian passengers traveling from Tartus to Ras al-Ain in northeast of Syria, among them a mother and a 40-days old infantAnti-Syria armed groups continue to target civilians amid US threats against Syrian army and government which have made militants find it easier to widen their attacks. [WAKE UP =  Iraq Invasion x 2!]
US Defense Contractors Training Syrian Rebels to Handle Chemical Weapons
Syrian Rebels Caught on Tape Discussing Chemical Weapons Attack
Washington’s Tyranny: What is the Real Agenda of Obama’s “War on Terror”?
Syria Chemical Weapons Victims Were Staged Using Kidnapped Hostages: Report: Yet, while so much attention has been placed on the UN chemical weapons report (which was not tasked with determining the guilt over who used the chemical weapons), very little attention has been paid to another report compiled by the International Support Team for Mussalaha (Consilience) in Syria for the International Institute For Peace, Justice, and Human Rights released on September 15, 2013.  The report, entitled “The Chemical Attacks On East Ghouta: To Justify Military Right To Protect Intervention In Syria,” and authored largely by Mother Agnes Mariam of the Cross, who is President of ISTEAMS, not only argues that the chemical weapons attacks were the handiwork of the Syrian death squads, but also that the entire ordeal was a carefully crafted and planned propaganda campaign utilizing kidnapped citizens from Lattakiah, Syria as stage props.
Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran: In 1988, during the waning days of Iraq’s war with Iran, the United States learned through satellite imagery that Iran was about to gain a major strategic advantage by exploiting a hole in Iraqi defenses. U.S. intelligence officials conveyed the location of the Iranian troops to Iraq, fully aware that Hussein’s military would attack with chemical weapons, including sarin, a lethal nerve agent
Mali, Hagel & the Rothschilds
Encircling Empire: Obama’s Scramble for Africa: In terms of Obama’s Africa mission, under the White House’s listed priority of “increasing U.S. trade and investment,” a spokesperson wrote: “We are redoubling our efforts to create an environment that enables greater trade, and investment, through encouraging regional integrationlegal reforms that break down barriers to the free flow of goods, and services, greater transparency, and anti-corruption measures”. The second listed priority, “investment in strong democratic institutions,” makes the same points, if one is lucid enough to not indulge belief in fairy-tales of what democracy means, in this context: governments “open” to U.S. capitalist interests, and “accountable” to the U.S. and its allies. The “freedom” is about free trade, not anti-oppression. To carry through its plans, the U.S. is trying to build a cadre of new African leaders via its Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), which is designed to build and maintain connections between them and the U.S. Put simply, this is a U.S. engineered plan for the governance of Africa, as administered by the U.S.’ African allies in favour of U.S. interests. This is not so dissimilar from late 19th-century U.S. expansionism in the Caribbean, and particularly in Cuba in the latter decades of the 19th and first decades of the 20th century.
AFRICOM: Western Self-Serving Interests or African Security? by Paul I. Adujie
All That Pivots is Gold by Pepe Escobar
AFRICOM: against China from Mali
The War in Mali and AFRICOM’s Agenda: Target China
Meeting and Greeting the Crusaders in Africa
‘Biotech ambassadors’ engaging in massive Monsanto-backed PR operations to push GMOs into AfricaThere is a lot of shady business going on in Africa these days, where so-called “biotech ambassadors” are now actively touring the continent and aggressively pushing for acceptance of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) and other biotechnology interests. As explained in a groundbreaking new report published by GMWatch.org, pro-industry hacks, like British climate change activist Mark Lynas, are literally going around trying to force GMOs on African farmers, while at the same time relaying back bald-faced lies to Western nations about how GMOs are already saving lives and ending hunger throughout Africa. [I believe the real reason for the invested interest in Africa is becoming crystal clear]
Here Come The Drones, Or The True Reason For The Mali Incursion
Henningsen on RT: ‘Mali is Key Foothold in 21st Century Resource Wars in Africa’
General strike, mass protests shake US-backed Islamist regime in Tunisia
Besieged, Abused, Ignored: Ethiopian Annihilation Of The Ogaden People: (Why, might I ask, is there no mention in our popular “media” regarding the brutality against the Ogaden people by the Ethiopian military and Liyu Special Police? Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that the US is the largest international donor to Ethiopia? Stats from Wikipedia state that in 2008 U.S. foreign aid to Ethiopia totaled US$ 969 million, in 2009 US$916, with 2010 estimated at US$513 and US$586 requested for 2011In effect, our tax dollars support the systematic genocide of the Somali Ogaden people.)
US university lecturer’s shocking hate speech against Arab, Muslim students condemned (Video): The term “anti-semetic” is used by Rothchild Zionists as a weapon to defend their hateful & racist actions behind the Jewish faith.  Rothchild Zionism is a political movement and though it has been equated to the Jewish religion you do not have to be Jewish to be a Rothchild Zionist and vice versa.   Such as this Rothchild Zionist – UC Santa Cruz lecturer Tammi Rossman-Benjamin. This filth is what you are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to have your children listen to/be indoctrinated by – WAKE UP! See also Anti Zionist not anti Jew rap & Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism
The Relentless Importance of Closing Guantánamo
Pentagon Creates Medal to Honor Drone Operators: Perhaps they will award the operator who kills the most innocent civilians – 10 points for children. DISGUSTING.
GMO US Agribusiness and the Destructive Nature of Global Capitalism
West Pours Arms into Syria as Al Qaeda Mass Slaughters Civilians
USA: Sex Selective Abortions Safe-Haven
Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks
War is a Crime: War is a Lie
US: Psychotic Superpower On A Hair-Trigger
Arab Secret Society Has Symbol of Cruel Beheading For Degrees 9-11: Nick Berg Beheading Update: Interesting perspective on the orchestrated Nick Berg beheading and A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition connection.
“Scientific Assassinations” Are Part of the CIA’s Modus Operandi
Rockefellers, Crown Cocaine & Haitian Slavery
John Pilger Film–GAP’s Slave Workers Work 36 Hour Shifts: Nice khakis ass hole – it’s time we LEARN about and REACT to these types of atrocities! BAN THE GAP (for your own benefit as well)
Yemen: The first steps towards criminalising drone strikes, Obama take noteObama has argued that he is acting to safeguard America’s national security interests. Yet the truth of the matter is that drones are counter-productive. According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, since its start, the US drones campaign in Yemen has killed a significant number of civilians including children and women. And with every death, the ranks of al-Qaeda swell. Are we FIGHTING “terrorists” or CREATING “terrorists”!? WAKE UP!

Alaska’s HAARP & Weaponized Weather:

HAARP Website: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Haarp: High-Frequency Vandalism in the Sky
A Summary of Potential Abuses by “HAARP” Type Ionosphere Altering Installations
New NASA research points to possible HAARP connection in Japan earthquake, tsunami
Tsunami: Caught on Camera (Full Documentary): The Boxing Day Tsunami was the most devastating natural disaster in recorded history – almost 230,000 people were killed. And as the catastrophe unfolded, remarkable amateur video footage emerged. It was shot by people from all around the vast impact area and depicted the terror and chaos they experienced as the massive waves struck land.  Now that footage will be collated into one film: a minute-by-minute account of the devastation, told by the people who were there. We will trace the disaster’s terrible seven-hour timeline and massive geographic range, from the initial undersea earthquake, to the sweeping arc of destruction around the Indian Ocean, and the immediate and tragic aftermath. [A BRILLIANT documentary exemplifying that we are ALL ONE and the possibility of THIS type of devastation being man-made is beyond horrific – WAKE UP!]

Indoctrinated & Mind Controlled America:

The Manufractured American Mind
Mind Control Information and Facts
28 Signs That U.S. Public Schools Are Rapidly Being Turned Into Indoctrination Centers And Prison Camps
Eleven Reasons To Get Your Kids Out Of The Government SchoolsFive Biggest Misconceptions About Unschooling
Obama trying to take over public education with ‘common core’ curriculum that teaches socialism
Mind Control: Hard Truth & Wake Up America
Mind Control The Ultimate Terror: Educate Yourself
Mind Control: America’s Secret War (Full Documentary)
14 Propaganda Techniques Fox “News” Uses to Brainwash Americans
Control Mental: Mind Control
The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier
Free eBooks and videos by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler
Mind Control Slavery and the New World Order
Subliminal Manipulation
Vox Populi: Methods of Manipulation (VIDEO)
COMMON PURPOSE: Shockingly Real Conspiracy To Rule The World, Matrix Training Revealed, Political
The Most Dangerous Domestic Spying Program is Common CoreThe information collected will be more than sensitive; much of it will also be completely unrelated to education.  Data collected will not only include grades, test scores, name, date of birth and social security number, it will also include parents’ political affiliations, individual or familial mental or psychological problems, beliefs, religious practices and income.  In addition, all activities, as well as those deemed demeaning, self-incriminating or anti-social, will be stored in students’ school records.  In other words, not only will permanently stored data reflect criminal activities, it will also reflect bullying or anything perceived as abnormal.  The mere fact that the White House notes the program can be used to “automatically demonstrate proof of competency in a work setting” means such data is intended to affect students’ futures.
Charity Using Behavioral Modification: If you do not know what Common Purpose is or have never even heard its name before, READ THIS and BE-AWARE!
Connecting The Dots: Corporate Influence On Government
An Exercise In Propaganda: “Living On the Streets of Modern Day America” *VIDEO*
Press hits back over ‘chilling’ media crackdown as campaigners warn Internet sites face ‘threat to free speech’: Look out America, they’re coming for “our” internet next…the UK is constantly serving as an “experiment” in totalitarian tip toe – roll it out in Brittan, see what the backlash is and then trickle it out to the rest of the world.
Judge tells teacher sex offender: ‘I don’t criticize you for being attracted to children’: I have always maintained that schools are prisons for children.  If you were a pedophile would you not take a job that surrounds you with vulnerable children everyday?  HOME SCHOOL!
DARPA Wants Portable Brain Recorders “In Every Classroom in America”: “Having EEGs in every classroom in America”, say DARPA, would allow teachers to devise lesson plans using the devices to help children learn about the biology of “the brain and sensory systems”, by using these brain-to-computer interfaces (BCIs): “Students could record their own brain activity and download the data to their iPad.” [Do yourself and your children’s brain a favor – HOME SCHOOL]
‘What Is Government?’ Elementary Students Taught It’s Your ‘Family’: Fourth-grade students in Illinois are learning that “government is like a nation’s family” because it sets rules and takes care of needs such as health care and education.  So says a worksheet for social studies homework that was distributed to students at East Prairie School in Skokie, Ill, complete with a drawing of Uncle Same cradling a baby that represents the citizens.
Education Program Conditions Kids to Accept Government as God; Parents Need to Get Involved to Halt Hijacking of Education System: “Under the guise of humanitarianism, our kids are being desensitized to accept Agenda 21 ideas such as the climate change hoax, gay marriage, and how breaking down color barriers makes us all one people.”
The Population Control Agenda Is Being Relentlessly Pushed In American Public Schools: As you will see below, the number one population control organization in the United States, Planned Parenthood, conducts nearly 900 presentations in high schools in the Los Angeles area every single year.  And the population control propaganda gets even worse once our kids go off to college.  I know – I spent eight years in the classroom at U.S. public universities and most parents would be absolutely horrified to learn what their children are being taught. [Planned Parenthood is and has ALWAYS been a Eugenics front.  It was first founded by Margaret Sanger under the name “Birth Control Federation of America” and then was changed to the dumbed-down nicey-nice name Planned Parenthood.  Stay away!]

Health Duped America:

The Great Culling has begun: Will your genetic lineage survive?
Obamacare: A Deception
Carpet-Bombed Gulf Coasters Organize to Ban Corexit
U.S. government to allow radioactive waste metals to be ‘recycled’ into consumers products like belt buckles, silverware & Stop The Government Plan For Radioactive Cookware!
Coast to Coast AM – Feb 05 2013 – Body Chemistry & Health C2CAM: Dr. Robert O. Young speaks about the necessity of an alkaline body & (relating to the “Support Our Troops” section below) Joyce Riley from the American Gulf War Veterans Association speaks about the severe needs of Veterans & active duty soldiers
Occupy Corporatism: Health
The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing (FULL VIDEO)
Cancer: the Forbidden Cures (FULL VIDEO)Cancer is the only disease that has been defeated dozens of times without anyone knowing it. In the last 100 years, doctors, scientists, and researchers have developed diverse and effective solutions against cancer only to be thwarted by the political and propaganda power of the drug-dominated medical profession.
FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic
How the Drug War and the FDA Prevent the Sick from Being Cured
Obama Approves Raising Permissible Levels of Nuclear Radiation in Drinking Water. Civilian Cancer Deaths Expected to Skyrocket: and this is just another nail in the radiation coffin for us.  Our atmosphere is being rapidly changed and it is NOT to suite the life CURRENTLY overtly inhabiting this planet.  Beware that which lurks in the shadows and loves radiation.
Israel Court Rules To Stop Water Fluoridation in 2014, Citing Health Concerns
Prominent psychiatrist admits he helped invent ADHD as a diseaseRecently, [American psychiatrist Dr. Leon Eisenberg] a founding father of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), announced a few months before his death that … “ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.” Dr. Eisenberg was among the committee of psychiatrists who put together the DMS II in 1968. He had initially coined the term “hyperkinetic reaction of childhood,” which was described and agreed upon by the committee and confirmed by a small percentage of APA members as a mental disorder. Later, the term was altered to the current ADHD.

Incarcerated America

Private Prisons: The More Americans They Put Behind Bars The More Money They Make
Welcome to Incarceration America: The US locks up a greater proportion of its population than any other country in the world. This fact bears closer examination
War on Drugs is a Farce! – Prison, poverty and pot, End the War on Weed!: The way to stop filling up prisons is to end the War on Drugs, curb inequality and change our perspective on class
By the Numbers: The U.S.’s Growing For-Profit Detention Industry
Immigration Reform 2013: Republican Leaders On Immigration Reform Get Millions in Funding From Private Prisons: Operation Streamline, which “imprisons men, women and children for immigration violations, sometimes up to 10 months or more, and it channels more than $1 billion a year in federal funds to private-run detention centers.”  & As Open Secrets points out, “the private prison industry is responsible for 16% of federal prisoners in the U.S., and makes a substantial portion of its profits from detention centers for illegal immigrants. Tougher laws would mean higher profits, while a path to citizenship could shrink revenues.”
Out of Prison, Into a Vicious Circle of Debt
The “Vicious Cycles” Created by Solitary Confinement
21st-Century Slaves: How Corporations Exploit Prison Labor: In the eyes of the corporation, inmate labor is a brilliant strategy in the eternal quest to maximize profit.
The Sentencing Project – A 25-Year Quagmire: The War on Drugs and Its Impact on American Society [PDF]
Justice Policy Institute – America’s One-Million Nonviolent Prisoners [PDF]
The Return Of Debtor’s Prisons: Thousands Of Americans Jailed For Not Paying Their Bills
Debtor Prisons Popping Up Across AmericaWhile Wall Street banks are being rewarded billions in taxpayer-funded bailout money to recover from risky financial schemes, cash-strapped Americans around the country are being jailed for simply not having enough money to pay their bills.
Florida Students Take on Private Prison Industry
Santa Ana Police Department: taking payoffs to jail the innocent
With One Prisoner Dead, Will California Listen to the Hunger Strikers? & Petition to Support Pelican Bay SHU Prisoners’ Five Core Demands (hunger strike): Regardless of whether you are incarcerated you are still a HUMAN BEING and deserve respect, nutritious food & DAY LIGHT!  Look to how a civilization treats its most vulnerable and dependent citizens and there you will find the true nature of the civilization.
How Wall Street Turned America Into Incarceration Nation: How is it that our land, supposedly the beacon of freedom and democracy for the rest of the world, puts so many of its own people into prison?

Support OUR Troops – Stop the SUICIDES; Stop the WARS:

Record Numbers of US Military and Veteran Suicides: Headlines like this should shock: Suicides Outpace War Deaths. Surge in Military Suicides. Nearly Two Dozen Veterans Commit Suicide Daily.
Hidden Toll of US Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: “Surge” in Military Suicides: An average of 18 US military veterans are taking their lives every day as the Obama administration and the Pentagon grow increasingly defensive about the epidemic of suicides driven by Washington’s wars of aggression.
Army Suicides: The Most Alarming and Tragically Hidden Secret in America
American Gulf War Veterans Association
New Directions: Where Veterans Turn
Interview – Dennis Kyne – Depleted Uranium (DU)
Beyond Treason: Depleted Uranium & Anthrax Vaccines [Full Film]
The Covert Government Vaccine Experiment [Full Film]
Democracy NOW: Soldier Suicides
The Manufactured US Veteran Threat Against Obama That Will Justify Martial LawForget about al-Qaeda and state-sponsored radicalized Muslims, the newest Boogeyman that the US government wants the American public to fear are our own US veterans.
Court says VA care is inadequate
War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us To Death [FULL DOCUMENTARY]
Pentagon doctors claim military suicides not related to combat: And it appears that the rate is continuing to rise: last year, a service member committed suicide every 25 hours, but in April, the rate increased to one suicide every 18 hours. The annual number of suicides last year surpassed the number of troops killed in Afghanistan and the number of military members who died in transportation accidents in 2012. [What a SLAP IN THE FACE to all those who enlisted with love in their hearts only to find that they were horribly and atrociously purposefully mislead.  The shadow cabal cares not for those who lay down their lives to progress it.]
U.S. military veteran describes how vaccines made service members sick

STOP Sexualizing Our Children

Social Engineers Continue to Sexualize Our Children: Unfortunately, one of the last strands of moral fiber left, the innocence of children and their protection from vampirical predators is now set to be removed from the national hive mind.  If the average American could slow down just a little bit, if they could turn off their televisions for only a second, they would see it coming as well. Absent the constant barrage of propaganda and programming, they would be able to see that there is a distinct increase in the attempts to sexualize young children and normalize pedophilia through the entertainment industry, scientific establishment, and mass media.
American Psychology Association: Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls
Stop sexualizing our children!: On Wednesday, Aug. 17, I – along with the venerable child advocate Dr. Judith Reisman – attended a conference hosted by the pedophile group B4U-ACT. Around 50 individuals were in attendance, including a number of admitted pedophiles (or “minor-attracted persons” as they euphemistically prefer), a few self-described “gay activists” and several supportive mental-health professionals. World renowned “sexologist” Dr. Fred Berlin of Johns Hopkins University gave the keynote address, saying: “I want to completely support the goal of B4U-ACT.” – THAT SHOULD MAKE YOU GO WOAH, WAIT A MINUTE, WTF IS GOING ON!?
Society’s Hypocrisy Over Pedophilia
Illuminati Sexualization of Children – A Christian’s Perspective
Dept of Health and Human services are making inhuman child molesters: In a push that seeks to sexualize young children while condoning homosexual “experimentation” among teens, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is offering up pearls of wisdom to parents on the sexuality of children. But if that were not disturbing enough, this comes at a time when a group of psychologists are allegedly pushing for the decriminalization of pedophilia.
School pupils should be taught ‘not all porn is bad’, advise experts
Seventeen magazine pushing sex as a drug to 12-year-olds
Far too much, far too young: Outrage over shocking images of the 10-YEAR-OLD model who has graced the pages of Vogue
Abercrombie & Fitch Padded Bikini Top For 7-Year-Olds Draws Parents’ Ire
American Apparel Ads ‘Sexualize’ Child Models, Rules Britain’s ASA
Who Is Really Promoting Child Pornography and Pedophilia and Sexualizing Children: the TLC Network is DISGUSTING!
German Government Publication Promotes Incestuous Pedophilia as Healthy Sex Ed & Canada: Pedophilia a ‘sexual orientation’ experts tell Parliament & Furor in Greece over pedophilia as a disability – watch for practices being rolled out in other “civilized” western societies prior to coming to America – this is normalizing what otherwise would be reprehensible!
Predators with Ph.D.sThe latest offensive against morality, decency, and sanity in America has been launched by a pro-pedophilia group and several academics who openly advocate for the normalization and legalization of pedophilia.  Referring to Judeo-Christian moral principles and values as “cultural baggage of wrongfulness” and an adult’s desire to sexually molest a child as “normative,” these predators with Ph.D.s are hell-bent on destroying key moral boundaries and critical societal norms that protect innocent children from pathological and dangerous adults.
Drug Companies Are Sexualizing Our Kids!: Whilst many parents appear outraged by this seemingly blatant sexploitation of such a young child and are sharing their feelings of disgust on various blogs around the internet, the same emotion evades parents completely when it comes to vaccination. Parents are only too happy to have their little darlings vaccinated with the latest must have vaccine for sexually transmitted diseases and happily sign consent forms without giving it a second thought.Why is it, that there is not the same level of disgust and outrage when drug companies recommend children from birth vaccinations for sexual diseases? Don’t American parents realize that the government has mandated a vaccination for a venereal disease at birth?
Aaron Swartz & The “Suiciding” of Pedophile Investigators: Heads up – suicide is a common way to “get rid” of truthers
HBO’s Angry Boys Slammed For ‘Sexualizing Children’ With Girl Sucking On Penis Cup
Teenagers ‘can be corrupted’ by Hollywood sex scenes
REAL HOLLYWEIRD: Pedophilia – Victim of Satanic Hollywood
REAL HOLLYWEIRD: ‘Jimmy Savile wasn’t the only one at the BBC’, says investigative journalist and former child actor Ben Fellows
After HHS Says Children are ‘Sexual Beings,’ Psychologists Push to Decriminalize PedophiliaIn a push that seeks to sexualize young children while condoning homosexual ”experimentation” among teens, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is offering up pearls of wisdom to parents on the sexuality of children.  But if that were not disturbing enough, this comes at a time when a group of psychologists are allegedly pushing for the decriminalization of pedophilia.
P.I.E. The Paedophile Information Exchange ExposedPIE was set up as a special interest group within the Scottish Minorities Group by founder member Michael Hanson in Edinburgh, who became the group’s first Chairman. PIE received Government funding through the Scottish Minorities Group.  Since the majority of funding and members were from England, PIE relocated to London in 1975 where 23-year old Keith Hose became its new Chairperson.  Hose had connections with the Gay Liberation Front (GLF). GLF thinking questioned the family as the basis of an economic, social and sexual system and most of the GLF favored the abolition of the age of consent altogether.
Texas Court OKs Sexually Explicit Conversations Between Adults and Minors Online: Perverts Will Run Amok, Say State Lawyers: Because APPARENTLY the First Amendment was made to protect pedophiles, NOT whistle blowers, hackers or freedom fighters.

STOP Stealing Our Children!

CPS Legally Kidnapping Your Children: The state receives federal bounty payment on each child adopted out through CPS. What this agency truly constitutes is a legal kidnapping ring, if legalities are to be defined by whatever the government can get away with.  We can not even take solace in assuming that those children adopted out go to good families… the CPS has, on numerous occasions, been directly linked with handing over illegally obtained children to international child sex slavery operations.  Those that end up in foster care are very often forced onto regimens of psychiatric medication which will irreversibly impair their brain development, all without the consent of biological parents who, in many cases, have done nothing whatsoever to justify the kidnapping of their kids.
Corruption in Child Protective Services by Linda Sunders: Child Protective Services is guilty of kidnapping and child trafficking. Some workers are also guilty of abusing our children. I myself am a victim of this corruption. My children were taken in the middle of the night by force for no reason. I cannot find them, their birth records do not even exist. Why is that?
Do You Own Your Children?: And one of those contracts is called a “Marriage License“.  Yours and your spouses signature on that state-sanctioned and federally registered document signifies a consent-based contract between all three parties – you, your spouse, and the “State“. [Marriage is a CONTRACT with the CORPORATION of the USA.  The people of the USA are not the People represented in the Constitution – we have been deceived.]
The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services [PDF]
Confessions of a Child Protective Service Headhunter: My name is Black Michael and I granted way of Canada and Australia and the world my exclusive story as a retired headhunter who is trying to make amends for the over 25,000 children removed over a twenty-two year period.  CPS and other agencies paid me to falsify information to make these children wards of the court. As I said last week my job was to locate families on welfare, low income, low I.Q. or the least likely to be able to afford counsel that could get them their children returned to their custody. I was paid $1,800 per child I brought into care, with a $500.00 bonus if a child was in someway handicapped and a $10,000 bonus if a child was adopted out without parental consent. [Many of these children end up used in HORRIBLE satanic rituals and systems of abuse.  There are very horrendous reasons why a mentally disabled or handicapped child would be prized.  I have also heard of white babies being paid more for and this directly links back to the ritual abuse and type of blood being spilled.  OF COURSE it does not make sense to us – we have HEARTS!] (excerpt cont..) More children die in the hands of their foster parents than in the hands of their true parents for which I know I am responsible for the loss of life to [at least] 11 of these children by falsifying records and statements.
The Child Abuse Laws Which Could Destroy Your Reputation: In 1991, the bi-partisan National Commission on Children had already figured out that children were being taken from their families “prematurely or unnecessarily” because federal formulas give states “a strong financial incentive” to do so rather than provide services to keep families together.” In other words, states CPS officers BENEFIT financially from stealing children, NOT from safely protecting them from abuse or successfully saving them from a poor home environment.
More Than 1,000 California Foster Homes Match Sex Offender AddressesAn audit of the California foster care system has revealed that over 1,000 foster home addresses match those of registered sex offenders.  Child welfare officials are said to have failed to compare the addresses of foster homes to those on the offender registry, even after they were told to do so in 2008. According to the Sacramento Bee, about 600 of the highlighted offenders were considered high risk.
Foster Children Put on Psychotropic Medication, Big Money for Foster Parents
Taking A Closer Look At Child Protection ServicesThere are the stories, each more heartrending than the one before it. M, now a 23 year-old Freedom Village resident spent seven years in the system as M’s lesbian mother (along with her lover) was approved to be a foster parent and hosted children in an environment that rats would run from. She suffered every type of cruelty and neglect imaginable as the “foster parents” continually abused drugs and alcohol. According to M the children repeatedly endured beatings, primarily from her mother’s lover, and she was also sexually abused. The refrigerator was kept locked and things only grew worse whenever anyone complained or cried.  M estimates that during the course of her mother’s tenure as a foster parent, Child Protection Services visited their home over 200 times to evaluate the quality of the care being received by the children who resided there. She explains that she would sit on the steps during these visits with ripped clothes, unkempt hair, dirty, bruised and scratched wondering why the CPS workers could not see what was going on. – It is time to WAKE THE FUCK UP for our CHILDREN.  Whether a child is your blood or not they are STILL YOUR CHILD.
CPS Stole My Kids – The New Child Protective Services
Legally Kidnapped – How Much Are Your Children Worth?
The Truth About CPS
Stolen Children of the UK: [Because this is a GLOBAL epidemic] Currently in the UK there are over 70,000 children in the UK care system. A very high percentage of this figure have been Stolen from their parents for reasons such as Risk of Emotional Harm and also Risk of Future Emotional Harm. None of these children have actually had any harm committed to them by any of their parents, however they are still forcefully Stolen from their natural birth parents by the state.These children have then been known to be placed into abusive foster homes and also been placed with convicted pedophiles.
Woman’s’ children taken into care because of her political beliefs
Cops & Child Protective Services abuse children when they take them from innocent parents
Salem foster parent who abused children sparks $23 million in lawsuits against stateRizzo’s suits allege DHS failed to give James Mooney a psychological evaluation that might have identified his sexual attraction toward young children. DHS doesn’t require an evaluation for all applicants, but can require a specific applicant to undergo one. [AKA if you are a pedophile feel free to be a foster parent because WE DON’T CHECK OR CARE IF YOU ARE ONE]
Freedom Village: Freedom Village, founded in 1981 is an “intensive care ward” for America’s youth and is the largest home of its kind. Thousands of young people from across America, Canada, and around the world, once labeled “hopeless” and “unreachable,” have turned their lives around through this Christian based program. A place for those who have been through foster hell and back…and are still in there teens.
Missing: 78 children from Oklahoma Department of Human Services custody & Child Sex Trafficking and the Oklahoma State Government: How do I know that something is terribly wrong? Simple, I used to be a mental health counselor and these types of administrative procedures were part of my training. The facts connected to the handling of these missing children does not add up. If the three stooges are not running Oklahoma’s DHS, then there is something very criminal going on. And the fact that the authorities are not up in arms and conducting a criminal investigation is highly suspicious and suggests further complicity at some official level. There is very good reason to expect a much deeper level of criminal activity related to these children because it has happened before.

STOP Disrespecting, Killing & Torturing OUR Precious Animals!

The Souls of Animals
The Spiritual Evolution of Animals
No Joke: Animals Laugh, Too
Animal Rescue
Dolphins Save Drowning Dog!: Animals are the selfless servants of humanity.  Animals are consciously greater than humanity as they subjugate their ego’s to serve others.
The Waving Bear – Video
Lion Loves His Rescuer – Video
Dogs Help Rangers Catch Elephant Poachers
Scientists: Mice Can ‘Sing’ In Tune With One Another
Mystery over the Mega Pod of Dolphins: Work together – be free.
S. A. E. N.: Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
Cull splits village as pensioner ‘names and shames’ badger-shooting neighbor: London is often used as a precursor to events in the USA.  Start with something small like a badger cull – make it OK to kill 5,000+ of a species based on NO scientific evidence, get people to go along with it & now viola! You have made a gap in which you can make it OK to kill more species of animals, larger species, old people, handicap people, people in general. 
Fracking fluid linked to fish die-off
Fiendish pharmaceutical animal testing does not help humanity
Procter & Gamble steeped in cruel animal testing of its consumer products, charge activist websites & New Chapter’s new owner (P&G) steeped in animal testing and led by directors with ties to weapons contractors, Big Pharma, Monsanto, Chevron and more
EU bans sale of all animal-tested cosmetics: Come ON America!