How was your July 4th?

published July 2013

We stay local on the 4th because we have the best damn view of fireworks over Los Angeles from our mountain top – Long Beach to Downtown to the Hollywood sign and all!  It was absolutely AMAZING and I can not describe adequately enough how freaking awesome it felt being up there with literally thousands of fireworks exploding all around us!  Much like last year, we began to experience a quite ominous feeling of apocalyptic future scenarios and disasters which was a bit discomforting to say the least!  Also like last year we were joined by a plethora of like minded individuals,  but once again we felt as though we were in a strange dimensional overlap where no one could see us!

However, this year we had an added excitement – the appearance of not 1, not 2, not 4 but SEVEN UFO’s directly in front of us. And even better – we got it on video!  The light/orb on the video below appeared over 7 times to us with durations of about a minute each.  It looked like a molten ball of lava to me – as if it were burning through the sky (similar to the below image).  When the orbs would appear in the sky the energy would shift and the landscape became almost still despite the fireworks exploding everywhere.  As the night wore on the smoke from the fireworks hung in the air and it was easier to see the halo around the orbs which seemed to bleed into our night sky.

Make it what you will, but remember – blow LOVE to the UFO’s in order to help break up the fractal tubes / tentacles they send out. 

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Be Safe Out There!