Only Dark Wizards Behind These Curtains


published March 2013

Ah and so we have arrived at the Supernatural aspects of our planetary existence.  We may have been torn from “who we are” but deep down we are all very aware of our energetic roots and the unyielding source of All-There-Is Love that we stem from.  More than anything this time of awakening is the realization of remembering where we come from and rejecting the illusive holographic world we currently reside in.  Growing up I always felt an intense loneliness, having nothing to do with my close knit family life or the stereotypical “best friends” from childhood.  I would characterize it now as more of a longing – each evening at dusk as the night sky grew dark and the stars exposed themselves once again, an enveloping wave of sadness and “home-sickness” would come over me.  I would constantly think how I wanted to “just go home”, even while sitting in my childhood bedroom.  I realize now that that place was not the one I was yearning for.

There is far more “going on” than what we think we are witnessing within our 5 senses (or should I say 5 limiting receptors).  There has been phenomenal work done on this fact and I won’t re-make the wheel – please check out the linked information below for additional research specifically regarding our “hacked” DNA and our inability to decode reality outside this faux paradigm.  I will say, however, that in order for us to grow and change as a human race we first must change our perspective of how we view ourselves and our role here on this planet.  Growing up in a secular society such as in the West, we have been conditioned through television and the education system as to “who we are” (Annie A Anderson: Accountant & Mother) and “what our purpose is” (Serve, Consume, Obey, Die).  In my own upbringing as an example, there was never a mention of any “unseen” (and therefore “nonexistent”) states such as the energetic body, energetic ramifications, emotional energy, electronic interference and health concerns, radiation, nano particulates, extra-terrestrials, spaceships etc., etc.

By culling whole generations of the population to disregard these key aspects of life, the powers at be have successfully disconnected all of us from who we ACTUALLY are – a fragment of the All-One, All-Knowing, Love-Consciousness.  Our energetic consciousness resides in our current bodies (which I think of as computer consoles) for a short lifespan after making the decision to reincarnate onto this planet for a predetermined purpose.  None of us are here by accident (on the contrary there is quite a wait to get the privilege of arriving here, especially at this time) and EVERYONE and EVERYTHING matters.  Don’t buy into the dribble spewing from the lips of those in the shadows which place arbitrary values on human and planetary life.  EVERYTHING matters, even the ant that diligently walks through your kitchen and which you smoosh without a thought or care.  By changing our perspective to encompass even the smallest living creature we begin to understand just how connected we all are to EVERYTHING & in turn start to consciously make decisions instead of just going-with-the-motions.

“Quit putting a god damn dollar sign on every fucking thing on this planet!” – Bill Hicks

It is with this perspective change that we also realize absolutely nothing is as it seems.  Unfortunately for most of us everything we know is part of the charade we call “real life”.  When you exist inside a big play house (built without your knowledge and without the realization that it could even be possible to live in said house) it is difficult to contemplate the idea that life exists outside of the performance or that the actors are pretending and wearing disguises.  When I was a child I would go to a lot of plays in a neighboring city and sometimes would be allowed backstage after the performance to meet the actors.  Every time I did I would witness the characters morphing from one form to another completely dependent on the wig or the apparel they chose to adorn their manikin like figures.  More than once I became so disturbed by this deadened change that I insisted we leave the play house in order to feel sane again.  This is what we need to do now – expose the “characters” for their true identities and intentions and leave the play house behind.

Probably the most difficult thing to understand (at least it was for me) is the astounding depth to which the illusion really goes.  It is impossible it would seem to build an entire societies ideals and character from the ground up without the ability to see far into the future, to construct a methodology behind the madness and have the man(entity?)power to see such plan into fruition.  Such a plan would be intricately calculated spanning thousands of years and accumulating on certain astrological dates or “power numbers” to help energetically magnify the staged planned events.  These same events would take place on prearranged sites known for energetic magnification and which have been constructed in a specific fashion to allow for demons and hidden entities to materialize on this plane.  Imagine that the manipulators have full knowledge of how the world functions, that everything is vibrating waveform energy and can be easily manipulated however they see fit, unbeknownst to those who live within the illusion.  How easy it would be to influence the minds of the unknowing through politics (working, as Frank Zappa put it so eloquently, as the entertainment branch of the government) through perceived threats such as, “environmental catastrophes”, Illness epidemics, “terrorist” plots, through the main stream “media”, and using their indebted slaves from BigHollywood.

Even better, why not then construct society so that the very essence of perception is fragmented beyond repair and which forces the unknowing to see the world from an infinitely tiny point of perspective.  This in itself allows the sheep herder to kick back and let the sheep watch each other – step outside the limited perspective while threatening the comfort of the heard and watch out! Once you accept that this is all there is, you cut yourself off completely from all that this isn’t.  We haven’t even yet begun to take our first breaths outside the womb yet and we think we know everything.

“Mickey Mouse is the fucking Devil.” – Charles Bukowski

Now if I were the grand manipulator I would definitely start dividing everyone up without them realizing that is what I am doing.  It is much easier to have the clueless serfs arguing and pointing fingers at each other rather than at the root cause of the problems.  Keep them busy with race, religion and sex wars, material goods, the illusion of “money”, sports & idle entertainment, etc.  Anything to keep them from consciously connecting with one another and realizing that they are ALL THE SAME, regardless of race, sex, location, or any other figment of division. We have been duped my friends and it is time we wake up to the realization that what we think is real is not and blindly trusting those who have proven untrustworthy isn’t going to get us out of this one.  We are witnessing the breaking down of a long running performance and it is time that we realize and accept what we already know – there is no Wizard and there never even was an Oz.

In order to be truly free we must climb out of the hole we are in and start openly recognizing what is right in front of our faces.  Our societies pretty much as a whole are completely satanic and reptilian.  Everywhere you look is another symbol of Saturn (satan), another all-seeing-eye, another capstone-less pyramid and reference to the “great architect”, another pentagram, another owl (moloch), another serpent, another goddess reference to lilith and semiramis, another way to worship the Sun & Moon, etc., etc.  Once again we are reminded of being in a play – everything (and everyone) wears a disguise to mask their true vibrational intention.  By educating ourselves as to the tools of the illusion we are able to see THROUGH them and strip them of their power over us.  We must always remember that those who are privately abhorrently evil will not appear so in public, quite the contrary – those with the blackest of hearts (or evilest of demons dwelling within) will be the ones who yearn for public approval.  The vilest of creatures will be the most loved by the clueless.  Thus the sheep protect the herder based on fallacies promoted by those evilly waiting and watching behind the scenes –  whether watching from the lower 4th dimension or from behind the very eyes of those in the public spectrum we hold so dear.

Live life truthfully and love one another.  There is no savior riding in on a pale white horse, on the contrary the horse itself brings great sorrow.  Love each other, we are all we got.

Stay Safe All!

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