The Need For Guns With Heart Shaped Bullets


published January 2013

So, here we are. Here we ALL are.  I have, since today, been mute regarding the unfolding gun drama that is happening across the United States of America.  I have held my tongue in regards to flagrant anti-gun propaganda campaigns, sickening displays of forced child musicals (singing the mind control anthem no less), and malicious liars who are not American calling for Americans to be disarmed while every wolf-in-sheeps clothing possible jumps on the anti-gun bandwagon.

We are slam packed into the very center of an all-out war on our free will.  Our constitution has been pick-pick-picked at for years now with each new Presidential Elective signing away another piece of our supposed freedom and leaving us with but an empty shell of armor to cower behind.  Believe me, I am all for criminals and mentally insane people to not have guns.  However, any laws that are passed have NO weight in regards to criminals because they will not follow the laws REGARDLESS.  Also, any laws passed do not apply to government bodies or police.  Which means that the only American citizens who are negatively affected by such regulations are the law abiding citizens who would not be prone to commit such crimes in the first place.  Please explain to me how this makes sense?

Our 2nd Amendment [A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed] “right to bear arms” does not mean that we, as American citizens, are “allowed” to have guns solely for the purpose of hunting or protecting our homes / belongings from criminal activity.  Of course these things are beneficial (except for hunting that is!) but the main reason to own a gun (and our fore-fathers main intention) is so that we can protect ourselves from tyrannical government “rule” / oppression.  Every major genocide on our globe occurred AFTER the government went in and disarmed the population.  Make no mistake that it is not a coincidence the order in which things occur and it is NO coincidence that (poorly executed) “gun massacres” happened when and how they did.  The Mercy Seat Christian Church (whom I know nothing about besides this great breakdown) has a superb chart which details the history of Gun Control & Genocide.  In the face of oppression we have the right, no the DUTY, to protect the innocent & uphold justice founded in Love.  We have been misled to believe that such peaceful activists as Ghandi were against violence but in fact, in his own words, “where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence I would advise violence”.  Of course, violence is the last thing any of us (except those running the show that is!) want to have to deal with.  For the most part we all want to be happy, comfortable and content and to feel safe within our own homes and lives.  However, each of these stabilizing factors are completely dependent on our ability to protect ourselves both through personal education and physical protection.

Icke’s Totalitarian Tip-Toe:

What we are experiencing currently is the Totalitarian Tip-Toe or Problem – Reaction – Solution (as David Icke so eloquently phrases it). To elaborate, the Totalitarian Tip-Toe is a systematic, slow elimination of our rights and freedoms but in a manner which is seemingly undetectable until it is too late to stop.  Think of that marvelous analogy that if you place a frog (us) in boiling water (our current climate of fear and terror) and increase the heat (“terrorist” attacks and random “crazed” gun-baring murderers), the frog will not realize it is getting hot until it is too hot (complete gun ban) and he is unable to jump out, thus dying.  Problem – Reaction – Solution is a much favored way for the government (shadow controlling governments) to bring in the laws and mandates it wants but under the guise of responding to plees from its panic stricken citizens.  In example, the solution was already on the table prior to the Aurora Batman shootings or the (extremely mysterious) Sandy Hook shootings.  The solution, my friends, was a complete gun ban on the American citizens.  But how would they ever pass such ridiculous legislation in a country which prides itself on patriotism and the right to defend ones self against tyranny?  Que the mass shootings which would then trigger the response they intended – the call for the government to “do something” about the “gun problems” in the USA…and then they can roll out the legislation that they had already wanted to mandate in the first place but this time under the facade of “doing something” in the face of tragedy. This is a GIANT theatrical performance and those in power are but actors leading the sheeple to the conclusion they already wanted.

There are so many problems and coincidences (there are NO such thing as coincidences by the way) regarding the Aurora, CO Batman Theater shooting and the Sandy Hook, CT “school” shooting that it would almost be hysterical if it weren’t so infuriating.  The American people have been treated like utter morons since the hoax of 9 / 11 and it is very apparent that the controlling powers think of us as complete idiots considering they don’t even try to realistically hide the nonsensical information they fabricate/promote anymore.  I have linked some amazing informational breakdowns below which offer up a completely different perspective of the events based on actual evidence and research, as opposed to the lies that the mainstream media reads off their prompters and cue cards.  Please read the facts and make up your own mind about why these types of “tragedies” occur and what their true purpose is.  When events such as this occur (and any event or command for that matter) we need to ask ourselves one giant elephant in the room question: Who directly benefits from these events taking place?  If we read the evidence with this question in mind then we will start to see a very different sequence of events begin to surface.  Everything is connected.  EVERYTHING.

Which leads me to – the FEMA connection (if you don’t know, or think you know, what FEMA is read this past blog).  Similar to 9/11 FEMA was conducting “drills” in the same location and same time as the Sandy Hook, CT shooting was supposedly taking place.  And, coincidentally (there’s that word again) the subject of said drill was “Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters” (you can’t make this shit up) to be conducted on 12/14/13 (the day of the Sandy Hook shootings) between the hours of 9 AM to 4 PM (the time of the Sandy Hook shootings) only 14 miles away from the Sandy Hook “Elementary School” shooting location (see below linked article for more info).  Also, evidence is further surfacing that perhaps VisionBox Crisis Actors located out of Denver, CO had employed actors to portray “grieving” parents & victims families (possibly also casualties, security guards, school “staff” such as the alleged “school nurse” this reporter talked to – LIES!) during the shooting  [I would watch the below linked video of supposed grieving father Robbie Parker for an obvious [BAD] acting job).  When attempting to sign up for a new account on the VisionBox Actors website you are prompted to answer the question, “Do you have a certificate for any course completed at” [Note – this was prior to them now requiring an “Invitation Code” to become a member].  If you have not had a course completed through FEMA you can not sign up on the VisionBox Actors website….hmm weird.  Why would FEMA, who supposedly helps with “crisis management,” be connected to an organization which trains crisis actors?  VisionBox also has a 75 page PDF available on their website which details the role of ‘Social Media in Emergency Management‘ and which exemplifies their connection to FEMA and Homeland Security.

While I did not go into depth about it there is also a HUMUNGOUS connection here to what Fritz Springmeier has brilliantly been exposing through years and years of research – the MK Ultra or mind control connection.  We live in a VERY volatile time where what the public perceives to be real and attainable is far far far from what is actually going on behind closed doors.  The first time I saw “James Holmes” image I was hit with the unmistakable stench of mind control trauma.  Once again I ask you to dive into the information head first and see where it takes you – only YOU can make up YOUR mind!

And lastly, though the mainstream “media” rarely if ever touches on it (after all sponsorship many times comes from BigPharma) there is the psychoactive drug connection.  I have linked some superb articles and books below which look at the epidemic of anti-psychotic medications, depression medications, “ADHD” medications, schizophrenia medications [FYI – this is a great article outlining how many diseases with psychiatric symptoms are actually misdiagnosed Lyme Disease], etc. being prescribed for absolutely anything these days and their direct correlation to an increase in violent, psychotic and suicidal tendencies.  The prescribing of drugs for pretty much anything is exemplified by a family member of mine who was recently prescribed Prozac for (get THIS) Irritable Bowl Syndrome.  I grew up with many of my friends having doctors as fathers.  It was a constant theme to witness drug reps coming by and handing out pens, stuffed animals, office supplies, free lunches, free coffees and free “seminars” which were nothing but free vacations to [insert tropical location].   It is sickening to think how much crossover these drug-for-profit companies and medical professionals really have – how can you trust your “doctor” when they are only puppeting the actions and advice of companies who want to keep you sick?

All we can do is inform ourselves, look at the facts honestly and then make up our OWN minds.  Unfortunately I myself am under the impression that all of these recent traumatic events were in many ways connected staged events to bring in a nationwide gun ban that will be the precursor to martial law in America.

As with everything, ALL the facts WILL come out and those actually responsible will be exposed for the villains that they are.  Stick together, head up & know that we are all in this together.  Now is the last time that we should be turning our anger and frustration against one another – let us move forward resolved to expose the TRUE criminals and their nasty agenda.

Stay Safe All!

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