The Road to Health has a lot of Pot Holes

published May 2012

The road to Health has a lot of pot holes_Pic1

This is actually a 100% vegan pizza using Daiya cheese made from tapioca. Better than any dairy pizza I’ve ever had.

I have found that we as human beings have a much skewed sense of what our bodies are and how they connect to our minds and spirits. We, as a people, do not love ourselves enough and that is exemplified by the amount of hate, pessimism, jealousy and intolerance we have for one another. If we project our insecurities out as negativity then they will be reflected back onto us in how we look, feel, get treated by others and the situations which we manifest. Ultimately we must learn to love everyone (or at least be neutral towards them!  Let go of judgment & criticism and feel a weight be lifted from your shoulders!) and dissolve fabricated divisions, but first we need to focus on healing ourselves so that we are of better assistance to others.

If we truly loved what we saw in the mirror we would want to nourish our bodies properly. Correct nourishment for the physical body translates to what you eat, when you eat, and the quantity which you eat.  It means treating your body to stretching exercises, daily meditation, hydrating your body with distilled water (inorganic minerals are added to spring water for taste and stay in your joints as calcified toxins), and not poisoning yourself with alcohol, white sugars, caffeine, enriched flours and animal products.

In a society drenched in cancer we must open our eyes to what is going on. Communities are saturated with chemical toxins – from the Chemtrail laden air we breathe, to the (neuro-toxin) fluoride filled water we bathe and wash our clothes and dishes in, to the products we use daily.  How can we protect ourselves and our loved ones if we do not look at where the dangers are coming from and how to combat them?  One of the main things we can all do is to self-educate ourselves about nutrition.  A healthy, strong immune system can combat pretty much any illness and some of the biggest contributing factors to a deteriorated immune system are stress coupled with poor diet.

As a child and throughout my early 20′s I had no clue what “health” was.  I listened to the Big Pharma sponsored Milk campaigns spewing propaganda about calcium (a damn lie).  I chugged genetically-modified-aspartame-laden diet coke and then lamented about the belly fat that wouldn’t go away (this is a “side” effect of aspartame consumption which is laughable considering it is marketed in almost every “diet” products).  I ate fruits and vegetables filled with pesticides, covered in paraffin wax and scientifically altered to have genetically modified super-death attributes.  I ate breads, cakes and pastas made from enriched flour (dead flour) – which is whole grain flour that has been nutritionally stripped and then “enriched” so that it appears to taste edible.  When I was a child I craved and applauded for the carcasses of dead animals and the puss-filled breast milk of cows.  All of these habits eventually lead to a body broken and sick.  I found myself unable to wake up in the mornings, my face swollen from salt consumption and the whites of my eyes grey and bloodshot.  My body was deteriorating and I was only 25 years old.  I could not make a connection between what I put into my mouth and what I wanted to see in the mirror/feel inside.

And then I woke up –

Slowly the Big Picture began to form.  If I felt terrible all of the time but was wholeheartedly buying into what mainstream media/health/education/politics were telling me then something was obviously very off about the intentions of the mainstream media/health/educational & political systems.  It would appear to anyone who bothered looking that not only did these systems seem to be intending for people to be sick, depressed, oppressed and manipulated but that they appeared to be working with one another under the same facet of control.  In example, you’re watching television and a commercial for a milk shake comes on – “Come get your mammalian breast milk, mmm good.” The very next commercial that comes on is an advertisement for an anti-diuretic or lactose intolerant medication: “Milk give you the acid shits?  No problem!  Just take this pill and you won’t have your pesky body alarming you to the fact of how terrible the milk was for you any more.  No, it doesn’t stop you from drinking that poison but it will further disconnect you from your body.”  Little do you know the tip of the pyramid who owns huge stock in the milk company also owns the company selling you the drugs to “cure” your ailment which their product initially caused.  WAKE UP!

We choose to be victims.  It is time to wake up to the reality of our situation and take personal responsibility for our choices and how they directly affect our health, mood, happiness and our potential to live life.  I found that most of my poor decisions stemmed directly to my lack of knowledge on the subject.  We must arm ourselves with information and not be afraid to look behind the curtain.  I have faith that most people would think twice about biting into a chicken leg if they knew the abominable way that flesh ended up in their hand or the energetic implications of such an action.  I STRONGLY encourage you to watch this video & share it with everyone & anyone you care about: Gary Yourofsky – Inspirational Animal Rights Video.

Once we realize and truly believe on a conscious level that we are worth the effort, then that is when change will truly manifest.  Listen to what your body and spirit is telling you and follow that energy path to happier and healthier days.

And as always, Be Safe.