We Are Holographic Representations of All That There Is

We Are Holographic Representations of All That There Is_1

published October 2012

Lately, no matter how hard I try, I cannot break free from the whirlwind of this year. Heightened emotions, lost time (how can we lose it when it was never here in the first place?), coordination & balance breakdowns and a constant feeling of an external pressure / overshadowing entity are plaguing my very existence. I now rarely sleep through the night and instead crawl into bed exhausted only to wake hours later drenched in sweat and completely revitalized.  Add my Birthday in the mix and it has definitely been a tedious couple of months / weeks.

Oddly enough I am definitely not the only human being feeling these things as of late.  Everywhere I go l am overhearing these same issues & irregularities of habit.  Let’s face it – our world is changing whether we acknowledge it or not & I for one am choosing to change with it.

This past weekend (in a major attempt at variation) we went on a camping trip in the Santa Anita Canyon – a mountain range so close to our house I’m surprised we can’t see it from our bedroom.

It is a 2.5 mountainous mile hike to get to the 1st camp grounds – Hoegee Camp, which is located below Mt. Zion (an unfortunate name). We Are Holographic Representations of All That There Is_2Though I cannot find any printed material on the subject I can definitely say that we felt some weird energy coming from Mt. Zion. We took a wrong turn on the trail and accidentally ended up partially climbing Mt. Zion only to find that we were engulfed by negative energy, anxiety & stress.  Once we realized our error and climbed back down the mountain and into Hoegee Camp we felt MUCH better (although I’m sure putting down the 50 lbs packs we had been carrying for the past hour and a half also helped!).

The hike & camp is absolutely gorgeous and truly inspired me to discuss the importance of Nature in all of our lives.  Walking along the trail, I was hit by strong emotions tied to memories of myself as a child playing outdoors and exploring my environment without a fear or worry.  Somewhere along the path to “adulthood” I had lost that connection to consciousness and the connecting support of our natural world.  While I love nature and animals immensely, living in a large city does little to encourage my senses and I had in fact become dulled to my need for eco-interaction.  It wasn’t until I was once again immersed in such natural beauty that my drive was re-awakened and I felt like myself again.

Living in non-gregarious city communities makes for a very isolated and detached existence.  I strongly feel that the promotion of such living conditions is to further disconnect people both from one another and also the natural world we all need in order to survive truly awake.  We derive energy from the earth and from the sun.  The sun is demonized on a daily basis with governmental health propaganda threatening people with skin cancer if they even so much as think of stepping into the sun without “protection”.  (Instead, chemical based sun-blocks are promoted even though research has shown they are clearly linked to skin cancer – read this simply fabulous sunscreen information breakdown on the Environmental Working Groups Website here. Also, here is a great article about how extremely toxic levels of Titanium Dioxide is allowed in commercial sunscreens.  Truth be told we NEED the sun coupled with Cholesterol for Vitamin D formation.  Please read more about the HUGE Cholesterol Myth below in the links section). Rarely do people get the opportunity to take off their shoes and walk barefoot on soil (especially within paved city environments).   When we remove the rubber-soles of our shoes we are allowing the earth’s energy to flow up into us helping us to ground ourselves to our planet.  Through grounding, the earth will take your built-up static electricity and toxic gasses and release them from your body.  (To read more about grounding techniques check out this article here).   Fear is used as a mechanism of control and many of us fall into the “it’s safer to stay indoors watching the Crocodile Hunter (I LOVE Steve Irwin) instead of exploring my world” mentality.

One of the biggest realizations that hit me while camping was that I had lived in California for 28 years but had yet to really explore it.  We need to take back our America by rediscovering the amazing natural locations it has to offer and truly connecting with places and energies from our own pasts.  There are no coincidences and I strongly believe that the area you are drawn to has a special importance to you and your lives here on this planet.  We cannot accumulate the tools necessary to figure out who we truly are by simply sitting in a 20 x 20 foot room and staring hypnotically at the television screen.  I truly believe that every person living on this planet has a special connection and relationship to nature.  A disconnect is created when we begin relating ourselves solely to the experience we are having currently and not to the larger universal picture.  If we let the stresses of our everyday “lives” eat away our desire to connect at a higher level with the planet and to animals then we truly have become the robotic Body/Mind that the oppressive Orwellian agenda wants us to become.

After our trip we also began discussing the irony of the camping boom in the late 60’s / early 70’s and the “inadvertent” creation of the first camping related horror movies.   It was in 1973 that William Kemsley, Jr. published his first issue of BACKPACKER Magazine (which had been in the works since 1970), a magazine whose mission, in their own words, is to inspire and enable people to enjoy the outdoors by providing the most trusted and engaging information about backcountry adventure in North America.  Other than the 1962 flick “Cape Fear” (which I wouldn’t even really consider a camping movie) the real horror related camping movies did not become the norm until the 1972 film “Deliverance“,

which was then closely followed by “Race With The Devil” in 1975, “Grizzly” in 1976, “The Hills Have Eyes” in 1977 and it goes on and on AND ON from there.  Once again using fear to control the populace, camping-related horror movies helped to cultivate children with a deeply embedded distrust of the outdoors and the unknown (think Freddy Krueger).  We have lost our innocent curiosity and it is time to reclaim it before we have robbed yet another generation of their connection to all that is.

I cannot encourage enough the benefit of waking up in nature, nor can I explain the life changing impact doing so has on a disconnected psyche.  If not camping – walk around your yard in bare feet at dusk or dawn and just thank the Universe for all the beauty that is out there waiting for us to discover it.

Be Safe All.

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