Winter Solstice December 21st, 2012 @ 11:11 AM

published December 2012


I always find it oddly shocking when I speak to people who only live within the “norms” of society – wake up, go to work, go home from work, make dinner (meat & potatoes), eat dinner, watch TV, fall asleep in front of said TV. Repeat.  I understand, I get it.  We live within a constructed reality that encourages, if not forces, us to “get a job to pay the bills”.  I myself am also in this claptrap.  However, it is what you do on your FREE time that defines whether you are in fact free.

I personally do not believe we will ever be free while adhering to any part of the holographic reality world that we call “real life”.  A job serves as an intermediary to energy exchange (similar, in my belief, as a religion serves to our connection with God).  Rather than exchanging our energetic gifts with others for their energetic gifts, (i.e. I will paint a mural in your house because I am a painter.   I will reciprocate that action by fixing your cavity because I am a dentist) we use a meaningless and worthless piece of paper to constitute “payment” for such tasks.  Even worse, we decide (on absolutely NO basis except the Orwellian school system & “who you know”) how much someone’s effort and energy exertion is “worth”.  There is NO monetary figure which compensates an act of consciousness-connected talent.

There are a couple of things going on here as far as I can tell.  Firstly, as just discussed, our system is based around a completely arbitrary set of rules which deems how important or needed someone is based on what they either have done within the system (education or job history), who they know, or how much money is in their wallets to begin with (which basically can easily get you past both of the other two hurdles).  Once it is decided the amount someone is worth an hour (or a year) then that person is then required to adhere to the standards of said job roll in order to receive their compensation of “printed paper money” to which they can then go out into society and buy meaningless material objects to fill the gaping void in their lives.

Which brings me to the second item – for the most part, people do not live their truth.  Not only are people completely disconnected from the all-that-is Love consciousness, but they have convinced themselves that they are the person they inhabit at this moment and that the cycle of life-work-death is completely acceptable.  Once you accept, if not rely on, the system for how it is you become but a body-mind-computer (EGO) incapable of expansion and stagnant within your own growth. If we live our truth daily and strive to become independent of the system, not relying on it but rather working with it to one day overcome it then we will see a very different life purpose begin to evolve.

So you are stuck in an endless cycle of monotony where you go to work and go home, repeat.  There is no problem with the work aspect for now – it pays your bills and will fund your extra-curricular activities.  However, NOW is the time to really dig deep and look at who you are and your purpose for being on this planet.  While no one can decide that for you, I can say that it is definitely not to be a sports fanatic or to watch your “stories”.  We are all incredibly special and the fact that we are alive on this planet right NOW is an achievement in itself.  We are here for a reason, for a purpose far greater than any of us who grew up in Western / secular cultures can imagine.  Life is not just about going to school, going to college, getting married, popping out some kids, working until your 65 and retiring in Florida (all the while being suck-suck-sucked dry of your energetic body). That is life within the system and the system depends on you to do those things or it would not exist.  These societal constructs are not necessarily in themselves bad, but if you equate yourself and “success” only by these life-checkpoints then you are in for a bumpy and sad road.

The Awakening of human consciousness has been happening for years now and my own journey started about 5 years ago. You owe it to yourself to peak behind the curtain and realize your greatness!  We all have a deeply personal journey to begin of realization and revelation for the world is not how it seems – not even close.  With the upcoming Winter Solstice upon us, the entire globe seems to be waiting with baited breathe for the moment of December 21st, 2012 at 11:11 (repeating definitive escalation numbers) AM.  I have no idea what will happen but I have a strong inkling it will be an extremely positive experience for those open and willing to accept it.  We are amazing creatures despite what the powers at be would like us to believe.  We have great strength within the love we embody, something that the controllers covet and are jealous of.  Do not become a mirror of the corroded and infected (hacked) society we live in. Instead let us move into 2013 with hope, confidence and most importantly, the ONLY truth: LOVE.

Wishing you all health and happiness.  The “Holidays” are not happy for everyone so keep those without families, homes or hope in your hearts.  Do something fun this Winter Solstice and CELEBRATE for we are all-knowing, all-experiencing, all-LOVING consciousness and NO ONE can take that away from us!

Be Safe All!


So we made it through to 2013 without the poles flipping and destroying our satanic culture (slightly bittersweet though I am pleased we still have a couple years to go).  The evening of our 12/21/12 trip brought with it a variance of energies and while for the most part they were positive, I definitely also felt what I can only describe as waves of destructive energy – obviously not everyone on the planet was promoting love & light on this day.

While the energetic changes since the 21st have been subtle, I can definitely feel a much stronger Awakening-Energy.  People who would typically have scoffed at any “far out” ideas in the past are now approaching me with their own new-found questions and realizations.  The tricks of the mass media and Orwellian government are not hitting home like they used to.  People in mass are seeing through the illusions and beginning to connect the dots.  All I can say is, it’s about time!

Here are some marvelous pictures from our 12/21/12 enlightenment get-a-way.  Happy New Year & know that with each passing day the human consciousness is becoming more liberated and based in Love.  Treat others how you would like to be treated and remember to ask yourself – am I being hurtful or kind?  If you do not want to be angry / sad / depressed any longer than STOP being those things.  WE control our OWN emotions and thoughts.  Take it from someone who has battled depression and witnessed it corrode people I love.  It really, REALLY is as simple as stopping the pattern of despair and creating happy, loving thoughts within ourselves.  We are the creation of our own thoughts & unfortunately many of us are stuck in patterns of thought which are negative, heavy and unhealthy.  While we tell ourselves we do not want to be an angry person we also are heavily addicted to those patterns of emotions.  We crave the anger and despair (I don’t actually think we do per say, but the energy grid we are locked into definitely does) and therefore it is very difficult to stop those feelings and to move forward.  I am speaking solely from experience here, but it was only when I acknowledged that I was giving away my power by allowing external forces to control my emotions that I was able to regain control and stop the stressful and worthless negative thoughts from overpowering me.  Of course, like with everything, you also need to be truthfully taking a hard look at yourself and where those emotions are coming from in the first place.  To quote David Icke – you can’t change your hair by combing the mirror!






We all have a lot of hard work ahead of us but the rewards are unimaginable.

Once Again Be Safe All!

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