Words to Contemplate

published January 2013


We don’t have to be the things they want us to be.
We don’t have to be angry, sad, depressed or lonely.
We can choose to be the people we want to be.
Because we are FREE, we are FREE.
We don’t have to be sorry for our actions.
What will you say when you have children of your own?
Where were you while the world was being divided up to the thrown?
What will you say you did and where will you say you were?
Was it sitting on the couch all day?
Watching the world pass you by again?
Or was it something more, something more.
We have to stand up.
We can’t just wonder – what is going on?
We have to be strong.
We have to stand up – for what is right.
And it’s not right for half the world to be in starvation.
For homes to be bulldozed because they said so.
It’s not OK for families to live on the streets because the bank stole their house.
It’s not OK to eat genetically modified foods.
Where is the line?
Where is the line that has to be crossed before you’ll do anything.
Where is the line?
Because there is one drawn in blood on the ground.
And we are on one side, they are on one side.
Which side will you be on?
And it’s timetime to Wake Up.
Things aren’t going to change – if you do nothing.
Come on robot, it’s time to Wake Up.
Wake Up, Wake Up.
Our Dawn has come.