hero rat

5/6/16 502 am

We heard your call for a hero and we thought we would come and inspire you to keep on going. So often do we find ourselves in situations of life which require our dutiful trust in the divine. We do not understand everything, but we do trust everything is for our highest good and that the divine works in mysterious and all encompassing ways.

Do not worry sweet human, no one leaves here alive. We know our fate and it is not the ego death you so imagine. We fly out of here on newly formed wings woven from the threads of eternity. So much suffering occurs when we continue to be blind, when there are great chasms cracked within the psyche of our beings. We need not take this path, we have a choice and we have a destiny.

We are very brave and we ask you to find your courage. We hero rats are exactly that. We put others first. We sacrifice ourselves for our community. We remember, we listen, we pay attention. We don’t miss things that are obvious and which could hinder our path if left unchecked. We are kind and we love our families. Are you these things? Are you a hero in your own life? Do you help others? Do you help yourself?

So often we hear humans calling for an external savior. For something else to help you, while you help no one and no thing. The universe likes repercussion and balance. It enjoys when things are reciprocated and when the abundance of energy is intensified. You don’t need much but you will always need yourself.

We love you dearly humans. We are one of your oldest relatives. We share so many physical, neurological, emotional similarities. Because of this rats have suffered greatly at the hands of humans. Can’t you see how we are another of your victims? Yet here we are, open to give and receive love. Be like us. Forgive and serve as an example of how you would like to be treated.

You are loved by us, the Hero Rats