5/27/16 501 am

Hello sweet friend, the time has arrived for us to speak of marvelous adventures and feats of courageous wit. As you know, I have trotted alongside mankind since the beginning of our days. My life and purpose has evolved next to yours and I am linked always to the humans joy and suffering. Our progress is not hindered because of each other. Rather we push one another to grow wider still.

We Horses do not fret and carry on. We don’t blame one another for circumstances and we don’t wallow in self pity or self loathing. We have a healthy relationship with ourselves and in that way have a healthy relationship with the entirety of our being.

We are very saddened at how our still free brothers and sisters are viciously treated. Rounded up in brutal, often debilitating ways, made to stand forced to bare the environment and temperature variations. Sterilized and mistreated. Can you not see this is a reflection of the human plight? We, Horse, are free. We run with the winds over Gaia’s inflamed skin. We are so much more important than you humans have the capacity to realize.

We calm the fires of intolerance, cruelty and misunderstanding. We are the shepherds to the human flock. Let us help you, let us in. We love you humans, and always have. I weep with the thought of all the sadness still setting the Earth ablaze. Where cruelty brings immeasurable cold, ignorance brings a suffering heat. Oppressive and ablaze it consumes and festers, lapping at the edges of happiness and without a doubt linked to human action and also inaction.

Oh humans, we love you so and wish only the best for you always.
Please love yourselves a little more, get on my back and let us ride to brighter tomorrow’s.
We love you forever, the Horses.