3/4/16 522 am

There is no time like the present to get things done. I feel a sense of urgency but let not the joy escape through the cracks of your worry and fears. Sometimes it is difficult just to begin. The bigger and more important the thing it seems takes the longest. You want to make sure your heart is truly singing the most pure and sweet tune. We recommend the most sweet nectar is taken in, this will bring a sweet life to you, filled with the joy and tears of lessons learned.

While we are small we are at the same time mighty. We do not fear everything else just because of our size. We use it to our advantage, we strike without alert. We are not intimidated. We are instead patient and aware. We ask you to see yourself as we do – as an integral piece of the puzzle, but also as the whole puzzle. That just as everyone else needs us (we recognize and do not run from this responsibility), we too need them. We ask you to open your hearts and to let everyone else in.

We see that you hide at times, especially when you feel small. We are puzzled at this. We are physically small to you but mentally and spiritually we know no limits. We enjoyed the free fall the most. Letting go, releasing. To mother, we are truly free. We ask you to let go and fully trust. There is no right way to do anything. You are free, free to make mistakes (there are none), free to go at your own pace, free at last.

The last thing we ask is that you are conscious of your movement, that you dance. Dance for mother Gaia, just as we do, to the rhythm of the breeze, allowing your cares to blow away. What marvelous winds. Take a breeze shower. I love you little ones, whose power is kept hidden behind false wings. I love you, soar now.

Thank you, Hummingbird