3/25/16 513 am

We thought you’d never come to speak to us! We are merry and we are Hyena. We have fun. We know how to party. We bring the party! We wish you could relax a little bit more. There really isn’t that much to worry about. If we need anything we got our brothers and sisters to help us out. We run around in a tight group which is predominantly part I respect – for self and for others. How often do we let our ego get in the way of what we want and need? Allowing you to project your own issues and insecurities out on to everyone else. You don’t have to scrape for scraps in this world. The abundance of the universe has the capacity to provide unconditionally for all.

We see how joyless many of your existence has become. The lack of effort associated with being lazy is an infection. It degrades and corrodes the body and mind. You become a shell, an infective living being. We want you to get up and turn off the television. This is not a natural device. It feeds on your energetically as you watch it. It is eating you. Humans have back and so is into a corner. Since you have naturally disconnected from you true, energetic, spiritual origins you have blinded yourself to the energetic frequencies. You won’t see the energies pulling you and how they suck up your etheric right through the box. It isn’t pretty and it doesn’t feel good either. It is a creeping, moving feeling that overpowers and placates.

Why do you want to be pacified? Why do you choose safety over living? Too scared to die to live? We Hyenas don’t worry about death. Without death we especially would not have the capacity to live. How often we refuse to see death as an appreciated transition. Humans cry and are very dramatic, again because you choose to live with a very limited perspective of “reality”. We laugh because you think this is reality! It is quite funny but also sad for us to see you struggle so.
There is so much to tell and show you sweet humans. We are a noble, merry and interesting group. We just want you to loosen up and have a little fun sometimes. Not everything is so serious. It’s OK to get excited for the things that really matter.

We love you child of the Universe.

We love you, the Hyenas