kangaroo mouse

3/27/16 504 am

I have hopped into your spirit to bring you unbridled joy and to relieve you of the dry heat of an over inflated ego. I may be small but my heart is oversized to make up for it. We love everyone and we trust in others abilities to act in truthful and trusting ways. We can only ever think of others within the capacity we think of ourselves. In other words, our ability to openly love another is based on our ability to openly love ourselves. It also holds true that the amount of hate you carry around with you determines your capacity for forgiveness and ability to let go and move on.

We can Kangaroo Mice don’t worry about loving ourselves, we are great and it comes naturally and fluidly that we would be balanced and free. I ask you this morning to begin to organize the emotions of your soul. Begin to take stock of those aspects of self which make you happy, inspire love, caring and compassion within your soul. See, really see, what you have been holding onto and protecting. Sometimes you humans hold onto memories, behaviors, behaviors which impede your natural process. This is due to fear, laziness, stubbornness and your inability to be truthful with yourself about yourself.

When you humans begin sorting through what you have to offer you will be shocked to find both hidden abilities and hidden darkness. They go hand-in-hand. You cannot get to the other side without wading through the waters of your souls. How many of your human family have shown to renounce courage and not make the trip? What a waste. We Kangaroo Mice ask you to be brave. That we wait for you, with open arms. Do not be afraid – look within. What are the positive attributes that guide your life home? What are the negative aspects that hinder or which emphasize a part of your soul left forgotten in the recesses of your soul?

We love you fellow friends, our human counterparts.

We love you always, Kangaroo Mouse