5/29/16 510 am

So you have been calling us back to you as of late and excited we are for this great connection! To swim in the etheric mists is to grow and see oneself from with in a wider perspective or perhaps we should emphasize from without a smaller perspective. So many of you humans act and react from a place of great despair, perpetual fright. When we mirror these qualities in others we greatly lessen our own energies and cause a chasm of hate to get across before we put down the defenses towards love. Did you think the shell you were creating protects your inner knowing? It does not. It corrodes it as it is suffocating from lack of compassion and a stifled heart space.

Where are we going to seems to be the question on humanities collective mindspace. What a variant in responses we see for that same question. A multitude of reactions for a cacophony of screaming hearts. At various levels of fear and induced sleep. Once again we ask you to hold patience and loving respect for others. Do not criticize their efforts or succumb to the unconscious words of the few who know no better. I ask that you rise above the smoke set to engulf us all. The fire that sets our soul ablaze has collectively snuffed out. We must rekindle it between us with the inspiration of an enlivened planet and life’s purpose.

There is no timeline we kangaroos follow. We do not hold the fear of a lost moment, the stress of not doing, being, saying who we really are. It is when we do not honor our truth that we greatly suffer, that we live in constant regret. How is it that some have progressed seemingly, while others fall behind? There is neither forwards or backwards – only sideways. The others are allusion set to keep you stuck and forever compliant or forever angry. Do not feed the ghouls. Stop getting angry and get to loving.

We love you sweet humans. We lend you our strength and power in self. We wish you nothing but a sensitivity towards love and an intolerance towards hate. You are love. We love you, the kangaroo