4/8/16 511 am

We join you this morning from a vantage point up high, nestled in the trees of our Mother Earth. What is a tree? Is it what we can see of it? Or is that just an infinitely small part of the totality of who each tree is? Trees and all plants are very ancient and very wise. Aren’t plants just another being on this planet that is ignored, pacified and thought of as unintelligent. We ask you to notice your place amongst the whole tree of life. Are you seeing what you truly contribute or are you buying into the false narrative passed down to you from ignorant and blinded humans before you?

As Koala we revere the tree. It provides us sustenance, shade, home, and a view of what is to come. We weep at the destruction of the forests. At all the life and promise so easily and quickly taken away. Can’t you see that you are the tiny tree, trying to survive in a world unsuitable for your greatness. The true Gaia world is vast and multi-dimensional. Trees exist as a physicality of your world but trees also exist in energetic dimensions, anchoring and upholding the Universal laws. Just as you fool yourself daily by looking in a mirror and registering your reflection as all you are, so do you believe that your limited sight shows you an accurate picture of everything else – it doesn’t.

How are we to grow on humans if we are unable to really look at things. We see too often the disconnect bleeding into unconscious actions. You act before you even know why. We know many of you are waking up to these truths, finally remembering. We are so pleased and joyful at your progress. We are with you now. We offer you our support and our faith in the real you.

We know everything will work out in the end. We are the keepers of ancient knowledge. This knowledge will serve as a boat to sail us all back home. Away from the corruption that oozes forth, the last attempt of a dying evil.

We love you dear humans, always – the Koalas