3/27/16 511 am

We are Lion and we are so thrilled to be able to come to you now and share some of the wisdom that makes Lions so great. We are an ancient and noble being. We are ecstatic to be us and we ask you to bring the same amount of self worth to your own life. Are you proud of your accomplishments? Are you strong and courageous within your own affairs?

We do not worry us Lions. When you worry you create a blanket of fear. This energy settles on your neck and shoulders – a literal weight to bare. This is stifling and heavy. It becomes frustrating and infuriating. It stops you from expanding. Suddenly life becomes about survival, about others and how they are a threat of possible harm. You can not live life always thinking something’s out to get you. We Lions don’t worry about it and we ask you to do the same.

We are quite gentle us Lions. We don’t worry about whether something will take advantage of us. We allow ourselves to connect with others in order to learn their wisdoms. We know absolutely everything is important and that a message of truth can be extracted from even the most dismal of energies. From the tiny mosquito to the great elephants – everything has a purpose and a story to tell. We warn you not to become distracted by the lies of better than. The arbitrary, self-appointed “importance” of humans truly baffles us. Nothing is more important than another.

We warn you humans about keeping the great warrior cats locked onto farms or in canned hunting experiments. You humans know not what terrible consequences – energetic and otherwise. We are the Warriors of Gaia. We consolidate, transform and vanquish evil. We recognize evil no matter the disguise. We ask you humans to really pay attention – know what you align to.

I love you little humans. We are with you now.
Forever companions, the Lions