4/20/16 503 am

We finally meet dear human, I am ecstatic to be heard! I am llama and we are a fantastically fun spirit which brings forth the feelings of true freedom. The shunning of compliance and the development of a will matched by no other.

We come with so many recommendations for you dear humans. So scared, your fear permutes through the subtle energetic layers of the planet. It creates a stew, a thick sludge which slows down and immobilizes its contents. Where there should be fluidity and perceive space for transfers of thought and feeling, we find instead of solid, often compartmentalized (walled off) Version of truth. Meaning, it is a telepathic dead zone. A psychic handicap. If your separates, it takes one away from the sacred divine. It compartmentalizes. Can’t you see how all fear comes from Ego insecurity?

Why you humans hold onto so much waste is beyond us. We don’t let the past dictate our present and the future is not something we worry about. It can only be created through the present energy. Does it not make sense to then focus with all our might into the right now? Can’t we agree this will begin to release the fear. It is trust and courage you have been lacking dear friends. Systematically stripped of these inherent truths at birth, you can see how difficult it would be to navigate this blindly.

We wish you the greatest of lives dearest humans. Great in that you rise into your own immense power and take up the responsibility truly of infinite and immortal one. We ask you to see this eternity mirrored in all creatures and to respect yourself as a reflection of them. We see you as a reflection of the Llama spirit, mirror our strength, self-respect, and fortitude. We do not sway, we are balanced and we do not fear that which is not intended for us to control.

Release, release, and move forward. We are all waiting patiently for you, isn’t that marvelous?

We love you, now and forever, love, the Llama