3/16/16 538 am

We wish you the sweetest of mornings lovely humans. We are ever so happy to be speaking with you now! We, are Monkey. We are brave, noble, fun, and interesting. We come with many messages for you today, all of which are centered around your ability to open up and to open your heart to receive the abundance that life has to offer. Too often are we closed off to the many possibilities available. Valid options are denied, ignored or forgotten. We see how humans limit themselves within the confines of possibility and societal structure.

Monkeys know the power of our overlapping Universes. We have crossed back and forth from one land to the next, vibrating our energies out, helping others to heal. The realm of all possibility encompasses all. Stop choosing blinded. Open yourself to new options, or even just the idea of more out there to choose from or that could possibly assist you in your decisions, or offer you an alternative solution.

We ask that you begin to live your life with a slightly widening perspective. Expand your ability to comprehend change, your tenacity, inquisitiveness, discernment and faith in self and others. We are a team first. We love one another and help one another. We know we can always count on other Monkeys to assist us when times change without us. We implore you humans to come together. We see how you are inhibited by your narrow perspectives – unable and unwilling to expand and accept others who are no different than you. Go and meet your people, help yourself to breakdown the walls you have built around your heart and internal eyes – capable of seeing the deepest depths of others souls.

Just look into the eyes to capture the soul.

We love you humans, go have fun.
Love, the Monkeys