3/28/16 514 am

Greetings! I am here! Announce yourself! You have something to offer yourself and to other beings. We are so thrilled this morning to have the chance to speak and be listened to! How often do you truly listen? To yourself and to others? Why do we ignore things? Us Opossum do not pretend that things are different than they are. If we need change we make it happen. We are not afraid to get up and move and we do not have fear of change.

We ask that the humans start to recognize all that they/you have been ignoring. There are so many things, overlapped and connected to one another, that must be gone through. Please notice how one lie melts into another, it is hard to separate just one. This is how society creates the illusion of stability in a world which thrives on chaos. We are tired of watching our fellow beings struggle. Every time that humans collectively shrug or turn away we see terrible things happen. When you purposefully ignore things because they are deemed unpleasant we begin creating a world which reflects the same sentiment.

If all humans decided they were done with lies – that truth is king – then we would see rapid transformation firstly at a heart level. The simple act of choosing not to lie catapults you into a crystalline realm, free of the sticky black tar of deceit. There is a dimensional plane where all lies and misinformation, linked to shame and fear, a place where they all come from. It is thick with the goo of ravenous degraded beings, seeking your warmth because they gave away their own. These places exist because the humans allow them to. They feed off the misinformation and revel in keeping you confused and disoriented, all the better to eat you.

Our weapon of choice is love, always. We ask you to sheath yourself with a weapon of utter loving compassion and third and fourth eyes open wide.

We love you fellow cosmic family, the Opossums