4/11/16 434 am

We’ve come here to speak with you this morning and we are quite excited to do so! We love to be heard! Listen more! Really quiet your mind and decide to receive the message being sent to you. Often messages are not just audible but contain intricate layers of energetic and vibrational information that are often missed in conversation. Us Rabbits know how to still our senses and turn our attention inwards instead.

How often are Rabbits considered to be spooked and we sit without movement, not even an eye blink? We have mastered disconnecting from our bodies in a conscious way. We know that too many thoughts are destructive to ones ability to balance – emotions triggered by cyclical thoughts release chemicals into the body that make the mind and the body harder to control. We know that to have a balanced way of being, one must utilize his ability to disconnect in this way. Not to be confused with unconscious disconnection which is the state we currently find most of the world in. This is “auto pilot” and is much more destructive to “live” in this way for very long.

Us Rabbits are not worried about what others think of us. Better to be considered dumb and fearful as it allows us to hide in plain sight. Only your Ego asks for recognition dear humans. It is only through jealous greed that a need to be special is born. This does not serve you in total. It saps your energy and leaves you less than you could be. It matters not how you are perceived to others – we find it is easier to hide in the open a lot of the time. You have a wider vantage point. You can really go about your business and have no one even notice – it is better, it is balanced. Eliminate the Ego needs. Be free.

We love you humans! We will see you soon!

Love you, the Rabbits