rat snake

5/9/16 514 am

Today is a day of great celebration and we have come here to celebrate with you! Promises are like droplets of water falling into an ocean – it is easy to make them and then quickly dilute them in a sea of others expectations and inactions. Easier to hide in the midst of others. Promises require follow-up, they should not be lost in the confusion of the rest of life.

Too often we find the promises we make discarded when they become difficult. The person who does not stand by their word is setting himself up for failure in all aspects of his life. Where we drop the ball in one area we see a trickle-down effect that oozes over everything.

Because humans are disconnected from their energetic roots as truth, we see human people who really believe they can get away with misdeeds and half-truths. They energetically wreak. They are attached to darkness, to deception and cruelty. If you could see the energy of the situation you would clearly see the putrid lines of dis-ease connecting him to his advisers. There aren’t just benevolent guides you know. There are all different forms of “protection” depending on what you are aligned to – conscious or not.

We love you as you are our family. But there needs to be transformation for us to collectively like you. Be responsible for yourselves humans. We ask you to find strength and to really notIce where your power goes and just who it is feeding. So much is held together by ignorance and arrogance in this world. We need not play into the corruption any longer.

Go forth now with your head held high. You can be whatever it is you want to be but you are whatever it is you do.

Do you not like humans, especially to yourselves. We love you, the Snakes